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Zoom v Close 12 reasons to consider

[fa icon="calendar"] 18 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

For an easy visual quick reference guide here are 12 advantages that an IT Team might want to consider. 

close v zoom advantages v2 (1)1. Pexip 

Pexip are the company that emerged out of Tandberg & Cisco convinced that the clunky fragile Video of the past should become:

  • Easy to use what ever equipment, device or platform you had invested in.
  • Software based so that you could join from browsers with 1 click.
  • Should enable you to share content across platforms. 

2. Microsoft Certified 

Pexip were quick to compliment the market leader in Unified Communications (79.3% share), Microsoft Skype for Business by:

  • Enabling Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business to communicate with Video Equipment, Browser based users and then guests who we limited to audio.
  • After significant customer and then Microsoft Testing the Pexip Solution became Microsoft Certified the interesting part is how they did it.
  • Their approach was completely different from Zoom where you download software.
  • The took a native approach, by which we mean they used existing Microsoft features to open Microsoft up for face to face meeting to any other device and platform.
  • Microsoft and their users loved this as it meant you cold connect face to face without having to learn new processes and workflows.
  • The first Certification was for Skype for Business on premise, more to follow.

Virtual Meeting Rooms and Skype for Business


3. Pexip were clear that there was more work to do, to make the journey to True Collaboration easy. The next move was to develop Virtual Meeting Rooms that could be deployed on Microsoft's rapidly growing Azure Cloud.


Close Azure hosted solution


Why? Enterprise customers were flocking to the new Microsoft Azure cloud and it was very clear Microsoft were going to develop Office 365 to be cloud hosted on Azure. The Virtual Meeting Rooms are Azure cloud friendly with the ability to provision them and use them as dynamic resources on Azure. To ensure customers benefit from dynamic Close base their platform on Azure to benefit from these dynamic efficiencies, as well as the other Azure features. 


4. Skype for Business Certified                                                                                                                          

Close Global Skype for Business certified Virtual meeting rooms The Native no downloads approach and the Azure dynamic provisioning helped the solution become Skype for Business certified because:

  • Users stored their virtual rooms as contacts in their directories (native)
  • Invites to meetings with the details of how to join from any device are sent using outlook (native).
  • Skype for Business users search for the virtual room like they do a contact and click the video icon to join their virtual meeting room.

5. Teams Certified 

microsoft_teams_close_globalFuture proofing.

Zoom is not Teams certified and the Pexip based solution is.

Again the native approach and Azure empathy enable Teams users to extend their face to face meetings to any device or platform.       


6. The Close Platform enables the reseller and end user to self provision new Virtual Meeting Rooms instantly.

End points of any type using any standards based protocol, can then connect in seconds to these Virtual Meeting Rooms.

The platform lets you monitor all service levels and escalate any support queries to 2nd or 3rd line. 


Close platform endpoint breakdown


7/8. White Label / Branded Demonstrations 

The entire platform from the domain, look and feel, communication and sales and marketing pieces can be white labelled in hours to deliver rapid reseller go to market. The platform enables powerful branded demonstrations to be customised for your customers and prospects too.


Close Branded maserati meeting portal


9. A trained demo team 

A fully trained demo team walk IT teams / Sales Teams or end users through any Q & A sessions removing the sales effort burden, solution mobilisation/deployment effort.

10. Flexible Commercials 

Close global flex-commercials


The Close Flex commercials are more flexible starting at £14.90 a month:

  • Chose from monthly or annual tariffs
  • Choose PAY AS YOU GO or subscription tariffs
  • Enjoy the ability to migrate between tariffs (month end only) 
  • With no minimum room numbers    

11. Freemium advanced test product

  • Unlike other offerings the Test Product is not the entry level product its the most advanced Premium product with all the whistles and bells.
  • Which means you can test advanced use cases, ensure they work and then buy.
  • An approach that IT teams prefer rather than buy, test and dismiss if it doesn't work   

Close Global Freemium test service



12. A powerful Reseller Marketing toolkit 

This lets you market to existing and prospect clients elements like the Freemium Test rooms and then use the Flexible commercials to close the deal.


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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