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What Does a Virtual Meeting Room Do?

[fa icon="calendar"] 26 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

A Virtual Meeting Room connects people face to face from any device or platform.



Close face to face meetings on any Devices and platforms




A Virtual Meeting Rooms is not just a place you meet online, it delivers two fundamental benefits IF YOU CHOOSE the right one!


1. Virtual Meeting Rooms connect from any Familiar Device 



Close global Any Device connectivity 4D



No more using devices your unfamiliar with, trying to make them work, needing IT involvement.

  • No you can literally join from:
  • Any Video equipment from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize etc
  • Any Collaboration Boards Spark Board Microsoft Surface Hub 
  • Any Desktop or Laptop with a browser Chrome,  Safari, Firefox, Edge, Brave, or Opera  
  • Any Collaboration Tool Hangouts or Skype for Business for example 
  • Any Software based web tool, Blue Jeans or Zoom
  • Any Video APP Pexip , Zoom etc 
  • Any audio equipment be it a star phone on a conference desk or mobile phone 
  • Any Smart Device - Tablet or Phone  

That familiarity achieves a number of major Steps forward over previous Face to Face initiatives like Video:

- It removes the fear associated with using something unfamiliar 

- It removes the support workload as people can use what they are comfortable with 

- It removes the proprietary "you must use this approach"

2. Virtual Meeting Room Flexibility for IT Teams 



Close Global connect Any Platform (1)



IT Teams were caught in this Hardware fashion or Fad phase requiring huge investments and lengthy business cases and deployments.

Now as the Virtual Meeting Room sits in the middle and enables existing devices to talk to each other that "need for Investment" and the repetitive "Cycle" have or can be broken. 

Even better the flexibility of Virtual Meetings are so great the IT team of today can break through two big previous boundaries:

The removal of proprietary Silo's, you can now meet face to face irrespective of Silo.



Close remove the Platform Silo's and enable face to face low res



Virtual Meeting Rooms connect your Supply chain and Business Eco-System 

We can now extend Face to Face communication from Internal only like Skype for Business to anything, device or platform a supplier, customer, partner or contractor has. That's powerful.






Finally we can up the productivity, cut out any travel we no longer require and innovate faster. 

We can now disrupt market we are in or want to enter by innovating faster!

  • Being first to market 
  • Getting the feedback from customers, channels, partners and teams quickly
  • Respecting our teams time by asking for 30-40 minutes input if thats all we need
  • Listen to customer faster 
  • The whole innovation wheel can be deployed speedily 



Close Global, Your agile innovative fast moving company



So can we just meet easier?

Close_global_virtual_meeting_room_screen_share_iconVirtual Meeting Room screen share: You can, but really basic things like sharing content across platforms and devices are now possible.

No longer unclear vague screens, with Skype for Business you can even transmit the content as a video and share it perfectly.

No Lip Synch issues, or sound delay.


Close_global_recording_iconVirtual Meeting Room Recording: You can record cross platform meetings through the browser interface in one simple mouse click.

No need for waiting for action points or notes.

No need for follow up meetings with laggards who couldn't attend, they can watch the recording and catch up.


Close_Global_streaming_iconVirtual Meeting Room Streaming: We can Stream content to a webcasting service, IE the Meeting.

So what's so good about that?

Collecting Video content can now be achieved without the Studio costs and the editing house can piece the good sequences together.

Customer testimonials become very real very fast and the slightly less polished and scripted just carries more credibility and weight.

Close_global_stream_to_youtube_iconIf you prefer to stream your meeting to a private or public YouTube channel then you just dial out to it via the advanced services widget, simple.

You can then edit it at your leisure.

Digital Marketing and Blogger folk will love this way of farming digital content. Google loves it and has started to insert both images and Video's in search rankings. Original content collected in this way, properly labelled, massively helps your rankings in Google search returns.

close_global_dial_out_iconVirtual Meeting Room Dialling out to Guests is easy.

Whether they are on Video equipment or Skype  for Business you can dial them from your virtual room. Simple select what you want to dial and drop/paste the address in.

Dial out is excellent for bringing in guest "on the fly" or to bring in "timid guests".



close_global_drag_n_drop_iconVirtual Meeting Room Drag and Drop 

You can with 5 minutes add your virtual room to Skype for Business.

In the Virtual Room settings you can create an auto dial rule, so the Virtual Meeting Room automatically dials the video unit when you connect to it.

Dragging the Virtual Room contact into a Skype for Business call creates a call with the video unit ( it automatically gets dialled in)


Drag Video Units into Skype for Business calls 


Skype for Business, Drag and drop your cisco to skype for business room v2



Drag N Drop has a number of advantages:

1. Using Auto Dial within the Virtual Meeting Room contact in your contact directory means neither the Skype user or the Video User do anything, everything happens automatically when the Virtual Meeting Room contact is dragged into the call.  






2. Because of Drag N Drop the Skype User use native Microsoft Workflows, ie Drag and Drop a contact, so they use native Microsoft functionality.

3. The video user simply walls into the room.

They are passive and wait to be dragged into the call. They simply switch the video unit on and wait for the Virtual room to call you.

4. The Virtual Meeting Room can be "labelled in the Microsoft contact directory to make it easy for Skype for Business users to know which contact to use to pull the right video unit in the right room into the call.

Example Microsoft Directory entry for the Virtual Meeting Room

First name: Meeting Room 1

Surname: Cisco Video 


It's simple to add the Cisco SIP address or IP address to your Virtual Meeting Room. 






Problems Virtual Meeting Room Solve

1. Extending Skype for Business Chat to an browser user

Virtual Meeting Rooms accommodate Skype for Business chat so you can chat to any browser user using a virtual meeting room.





Free Freemium Test Account 

Close offer Freemium which is free for IT teams.

- unlimited meeting numbers to test use cases

- Calls are free for maximum 3 participants and 30 minutes

Freemium Free Test Room  








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Simon Hunt

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Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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