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Virtual meeting rooms to extend Skype for Business

[fa icon="calendar"] 8 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

If you have deployed any Microsoft Skype for Business solution be it:

- On Premise

- Hybrid On Premise and Cloud

- Cloud Only

You want a Microsoft Certified solution 

Close Microsoft Solutions pedigree v3 (2)




Microsoft Certified Face to Face Meetings with any device or platform. 



Certified for Microsoft Skype for Business the Close solution uses Pexip under the hood.

There are only only three Certified Microsoft Partners and this is key for a "designed solution" 





Pexip_logo_text_onlyClose were the 1st Cloud only Pexip based solution on Azure.

Why is this important?

Pexip worked hard to develop a Native solution for Microsoft with three key ingredients:


1. It's a Microsoft native solution using the Directory Invite and Skype for Business components to connect to any device and platform with no downloads required.

2. It also benefits from requiring no plugins or corporate images to be designed, implemented and deployed lightening the IT administration burden.

3. It therefore, by design requires no new user workflows or processes.

- The Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is added as a contact in Outlook with the VMR added as the email address. 

- All the access routes can be sent via an outlook invite for legacy video units, browser based attendees etc

- You connect to your external participants by search for the VMR contact and clicking on the connect video icon.

Microsoft Azure Hosted



Fast Deployment

Close make no secret of the fact we use Microsoft Azure Data Centres where we can deploy in any one of 54 data centres within minutes. 

Government Grade Security

These data centres are all security controlled to Government standards with their own Government only data centres too.

The Azure Network

The benefits are vast an Azure Network connects them all, ensuring traffic is transmitted quickly for the very best video quality and security.

Sovereign Data Centres

For specific countries and client where sovereign data integrity is a core requirement we can deliver this for 54 countries.

Data Storage - Zero

AES 128 Bit Encryption 

We do not store or scrape any Video Meeting data we simply transmit it to security pin controlled rooms that are opened and closed by the meeting host.  


Microsoft Teams - future Proofing  

Teams requires for native use Azure Data Centre authentication and therefore you simply cannot operate without it.

The Azure servers act as authentication of the Teams video service and therefore you cannot access, natively, without an Azure hosted solution.  




For those IT teams who require Virtual Meeting Rooms then the key is a solution that is:

Microsoft Certified 

Uses Native Microsoft functionality 

Does Not require downloads or plugins

Is Hosted on Azure 

And is Teams Future proofed.

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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