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Virtual Meeting Rooms the 10 key areas to check before buying

[fa icon="calendar"] 7 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

No 1 Virtual Meeting Rooms connect for Face to Face meetings from Any Device and Any Platform 

Make sure the Virtual Meeting Rooms your buying are able to connect to any device and any platform. 

Close Virtual Meeting Rooms for any device or Platfors v3 low res

That sounds a basic request however a lot of today's offering have limits, simply run down a list of devices and platforms and check they can connect to them all.

2. Check that the Virtual Meeting Rooms connect to the devices and platforms your Key Suppliers, Customers and Partners have.

Again this sounds basic, but 90% of organisations think internal 1st and last and miss the opportunity of connecting face to face with their eco-system using Virtual Meeting Rooms.

Why is this important?

a) Up to 95% of a companies Travel and Meetings budgets is spent visiting their eco-system and this is not just a cost concern.

b) The productivity gains from reducing travel and commuting to this eco-system is by far the greatest win, enabling you to meet with them quickly and make or get decisions.

c) Why is that important? The speed organisations innovate today is exceptionally important and more and more innovation is actually co-developed with partners or suppliers.

d) The ability to move faster than you market and competition is a very real competitive edge.  

Face to Face meeting, connecting_ecosystem    

3. Microsoft Certified Virtual Meeting Rooms  

For those IT Teams that have Skype for Business or work with an eco-system that has it (79.3% of the Enterprise Market for Unified Communications) its pretty key for support reasons to use one that is certified by Microsoft. 

We strongly advocate you cover:

- Lync certified 

- Skype For Business Certified (Cloud and On Premise) 

- Teams Certified  


4. Future Proof Virtual Meeting Rooms 

For two reasons that are timely a solution that is backward and forward compatible is key.

Microsoft Teams it has already been announced will replace Skype for Business, so having a solution that is Teams compatible and Certified.

Teams Future Proof 

5. Google Hangouts Meet natively compatible Virtual Meeting Rooms

A solution that caters for Google Hangouts is key for those that have SMB (Smaller Businesses) or Media and Creative customer bases that tend to lean towards Google as a platform. 

Google Partner 

6. Virtual Meeting Room - Native Solutions

Close Global, Native DesignNative solutions 

These require the following key criteria:-

- No Software 

- No Plugins

Both of these requirements mean that ultimately your working with a tool that has been designed around the solution and often in partnership with its designers. 


These slow down "load times" for performance and add excessive Builds to corporate Images that add headaches and delays to the IT administration workload.


7. Virtual Meeting Rooms that require No New Workflows 

Close Global No New Workflow C

No new workflows

Any training burden can reduce the impact and delay the adoption of any new initiative. 

Therefore deploying one that has "no new Workflows" ensures:

- low levels of deployment lifting 

- Easy adoption by end Users 





8. Virtual Meeting Rooms that deliver companywide Frictionless Collaboration 


This is an all embracing Term in addition to the IT burden we advocate ensuring that the burden on key stakeholders is low or Frictionless.

The Business 

Gets simple process to work with and one that extends their communication reach and efficiency.

That Finance

Gets a Opex based solution whose usage reflects in the cost, and whose subscription costs are monthly, annual to adapt for changing profiles of use.

That the End User 

Has something thats easy to use, has 1 Click to Join preferably from a laptop, Desktop and Smart device.



9. Virtual Rooms that are Frictionless and deliver - 1 Click to Join 

guest click to joinBoth the host and Guest of the meeting want a simple joining experience, ideally 1 click.


The browser no has become the window to the world for numerous Latop's, Desktop's and Smart Devices who are now equipped with Camera's as the standard. This makes it much easier for the unaccustomed user to enter a call/ meeting in 1 click, share content and chat across platform.

The highest specification of Virtual Meeting Rooms have invested in what's called webRTC or web real time communication where the video stream and audio stream are processed by the browser, without the need for a download of any software.

As the chart below shows this now spans browsers on all major desk/laptop's and Andriod and iOS devices native browsers.    

 1 Click to Join, Desktop APP Table v2 (1)

10. Virtual Meeting Rooms with flexible Commercials 

Make sure you have the maximum flexibility in commercials and look out for:

- Monthly and annual tariff's 

- Pay As You Go tariff's 

- Audio Conferencing Per Minute or Subscription

- No minimum purchase of room numbers 

- The ability to move between tariff's 

- The ease of cancellation 

Close Global Flex Commercials

Summary Virtual Meeting Rooms must have:

- And Device and Platform connectivity 

- The ability to connect to whatever your current or future eco-system has 

- The assurance that they are Microsoft Certified Solutions

- That they are Future proof with Team's capability

- Can Natively connect to Google Hangouts 

- Are Native Solutions requiring no downloads or plugins

- Require no new workflows 

- are easy to join across webRTC enabled browsers on every device type including iOS and Android

- Have flexible commercials

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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