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Virtual Meeting Rooms - Business Use cases

[fa icon="calendar"] 1 February 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

We have covered the IT reasons and the Microsoft reasons for using Virtual Meeting Rooms (see below) now its time to see the Business Use cases:

Microsoft Use Cases

Summary of 68 Reasons Why Business IT Finance and End Users like Virtual Meeting Rooms

Business Use Cases 

There are some important drivers behind why Businesses today need to become VERY GOOD at communication.

Gartner and Barco 

Apple recently published a joint Gartner and Barco study that showed by 2020 - 30% would have a competitive communication edge. Literally use communication to outmanoeuvre competition and markets.

Jack Welch 

If your moving slower than the market then there is trouble ahead. 

S & P 500 Study 

Average age of companies in the S & P index 

1993  - 81 Years 

2018  - 16 years 

Deloitte Global Human Capital Study 2016 

75% of Investors believed a Business performance Culture Important

87% of Business Leaders believed a Business performance Culture Important

67% of Business Line Managers CANNOT maintain or create a business performance culture

So company performance, particularly centring on Communication and Innovation are Key.

The below diagram sketches out the process that is key to guaranteeing company survival.  

Your agile company

Upgrading Communication from audio and web conferencing to Face to Face is key, but why?

1. Learning from words, email is tough - words you hear go into the short term memory, needless to say that has limited storage.

2. Images go into the long term memory - and studies have shown you comprehend them 60,000 times faster than words.   

3. Body Language - proven to contribute 55% of a message which is why Face to Face Meetings are key. 

We have always known Face to Face is important, which is why key meetings are always best completed face to face.   

However overlay those simple facts on the drive to acquire a communication edge and 3 Senses communication is taking off!

1 D to 3 D extended


Not Hard to see why the employees and employers both buy in quickly:

- Getting more done in the business day, or getting the same done in less time and getting your life back, both appeal.

- Effective Teamwork is at the heart of Innovation, creativity, and employee and customer feedback.

- Better Business decision, faster, together just by being able to get expert input more readily removing both distance and diary challenges with a mouse click as the only barrier to joining a meeting. 



The Wainhouse Research of 4,000 regular users of face to face communication came out with the following key benefits. 

Any Business leader will welcome the boost to productivity, the impact of better faster input to decisions and the output Better Decisions, Faster.  This is ultimately WHY the Gartner forecasted 30% of companies they believe will have a competitive communication advantage.  


The ability to Cut carbon footprints, whilst reducing travel related stress and costs are all excellent side benefits.

Now to the Business Use Cases now we have covered Why the huge upgrade to Face to Face Meetings with Virtual Meeting Rooms that can connect any device and any platform.

frictionless business reason 3 

Business Use cases 




No 1 Benefit the Team meetings 

Being able to meet face to face with the team to brief them, listen to feedback, review KPI's is every leaders dream. However with mobile working, dispersed teams that's not so easy and you end up with the compromise, frequent audio conferences and monthly face to face "in the room sessions.

No Longer, 1 click on the Mouse and the whole team can join from any device on every default browser.


Desktop Table v2-2

How do you join?

Simple a Guest URL 

Any camera enable device with access to 1mb up and down WiFi and you have arrived in the meeting.


The cost £59 a month for you own room, Team leaders room and unlimited meetings.

The cost benefit, save on audio conferences, travel to meeting costs, external meeting venues!


No 2 Human Resources - Hiring

Acquiring talent is a tough job, quality people are in demand and often will weigh up the simplest of factors to determine if your company is a good fit. 

1st impressions count and being able to interview quickly and effectively, remotely is a great advantage. 1 click and you and the interviewees, are face to face.   



Imagine you have your own branded company meeting site, hell of a 1st impression and free with some providers of Virtual Meeting Rooms, just Google "Free Branded Virtual Meeting Rooms"

Recording the meeting for Peer Review or Shortlists is a click of a button (red button below) and the recording appears in your Meeting host dashboard for you to download and keep.  



So how do Virtual Meetings help you get that key talent?

1. You and the interviewee save time and cost, the room costs £59 a month and you can interview every day as many times as you want. Think about it, 1 interview a working month for a cost of £3. Efficient.

2. The speed you can interview without diaries and travel being such a constraint is powerful.

3. The Interviewee only has to find say and hour, not an afternoon or free evening.

4. Flexibility, you can join from any device or platform so there is not need to have certain software or access to your corporate Skype for Business. There is no software to download, no plugins required just click on the link and the default browser for that device will open and ensure the camera and microphone are allocated to the meeting. 

5. 1st Impression, whether you have deployed Virtual Meeting Rooms widely or not we have seen and heard feedback that candidates love the "this is how we work" as they can see the companies efficient, well resourced and works intelligently. 

6. You may want to think about Virtual Meeting Rooms as an employee benefit, as part of a flexible working package?

3. Innovation and Collaboration 

Companies today are having to become good at the innovation process and for that to really work effectively a lot of companies are collaborating with their eco-system of suppliers.

The issue being how do you do that effectively?

Face to face meetings as we have explained are crucial to learn, absorb and exchange visual images, messages and body language quickly. But how do you do that when you really have no idea what equipment or kit the other parties have?  

connecting_ecosystemVirtual Meeting Rooms connect any device or platform like the image below (we like an image!) so when you need to collaborate effectively and have every device or platform doorway covered then we suggest a Virtual Meeting Rooms a great tool to have in the Kit box. 


Close Connected Room Systems Low ResWhy?

Here are the big wins!

1. Familiar Devices

You are not when your empowered with a virtual meeting room asking your partners to use devices they are unfamiliar with. They use the devices they already have, are comfortable with which removes most of the concerns they might have.

2. Flexibility 

There's no software to download or plugins so you have a tool that their IT team will embrace because there's no "new software to authorise" "Configure" or build into the next IT laptop or desktop image! 

3. I'm Late, URGH what have I got to learn now, under time pressure?

That horrible feeling isn't necessary when you use the right Virtual Meeting Rooms that are "NATIVE" or "Just Work". Just google "Native virtual meeting room" and those that DO NOT require software or Downloads will come up.

By native we mean they use elements of the software or browsers you already have to work so you do not need that "annoying circle of delay" in the middle of your screen just before a key meeting.

4. Sharing content, recording and chatting across different platforms

Make sure the Virtual Meeting Room you select can share content between video equipment, Skype for Business and any browser as a minimum.

As long as one user has host access via a browser they can record the meeting with one click of a button.

4. PR And Digital Marketing 

In the past to get good video content required the studio, editor, a film crew and £1500 - £3000 minimum. Now any Virtual meeting can be recorded or Streamed to YouTube or a Webcasting service. 


Recording as above is a mouse click when you in the meeting, just click the red button.

Streaming is easy too, you just need the address you want to stream too!

Just Invite however you want to film to the meeting and via the Orange button Top Left, enter the dial out details in the streaming address box.

Immediately the meeting content will start streaming to wherever you have entered and you can capture that key digital video footage for editing, posting etc. 

In a word where video footage is the desired media, farming video content for use to drive google search engines results is a powerful PR and Marketing weapon. 


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

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