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Virtual Meeting Rooms and Joining a meeting in 1 Click

[fa icon="calendar"] 29 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Meeting Face to Face today has been transformed by Browser access.

1 Click and your in a face to face meeting from any browser.  





After Microsoft joined the WebRTC (real time communication standard) Edge has now been given video and audio access through the web socket.


What does that mean?


Close_Global_no_downloads_iconNo software to download 

No panics just before a meeting when that new software is downloading.

Or worse still, IT are saying sorry software not authorised!

And all you wanted to do was join the meeting and not be late!




Close_Global_Plugin No Plugins

Windows is notoriously slow to start up, especially when your corporate image on the desktop or laptop has ten's of plugins. Not any more, not with webRTC access through Edge.

1 Click and your in the meeting!



So now Edge has Joined the other Browsers you can access your Virtual Meeting Room from any windows device.







1_Click_to_Join_safariMac & now iOS Safari 

On Macs has been WebRTC enabled for some months on the OSX platform.

However now all iOS devices on 11.0 and onwards have Safari enabled with webRTC 1 Click to Join real time access.

Great news for all you Millions of IPAD users and those on the larger Iphone Screen Sizes!



Close_1_guest_click_to_join1 Click to Join a Meeting 

We are not kidding with Close you have been able to join in 1 click for 5 and a half years! However then it was only Chrome and not on every device. Now EVERY platform iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Google all have their default browsers enabled with webRTC which enables 1 click to join!





Bring the Video Unit back to Life and save money!

Think about it all those video units that everyone struggled to Join now they can be used in anger.

Here's how to rejuvenate them and cut costs in 3 easy steps:

1. Buy a Virtual Meeting Room with Auto dial out instead of group licenses or Skype Licenses! 

2. Set the Virtual Room up to auto dial the Video unit in whatever meeting room you want to enable 

- This takes 5 minutes to set up

- The Virtual Room has the Video Units SIP address in its auto dial out settings (

- Whenever you want to invite someone to the meeting send them the 1 click to Join link. (Close Dashboard)

Each Virtual Meeting Room has its unique URL.





3. The Guest process is simple : Click the Link you were sent 

The Host in the Video Room : Receives a connection request from the Virtual Meeting Room 

Note: The only thing that needs to be enabled is the Video Unit power


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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