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Virtual Meeting Rooms and how they help businesses collaborate and perform better.

[fa icon="calendar"] 1 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Virtual Meeting rooms deliver True Collaboration which we define as the ability to meet face to face across any device or platform, but how does that help a modern business compete better in its market place and win?

This blog extract elements of the Harvard Business Review "On Collaboration" and summarises it visually in concise images and short paragraphs saving you the entire read:

So hears how the Virtual Meeting Room delivers better business decisions, faster as a team, together.


For years audio conferences have been able to deliver "hearing only" mass messages that are poor as a communication method as "words you hear" go into the brains short term memory. Not good for collaborating.


Crucial as "images" go into the "long term memory" and are understood 60,000 times faster than words. For effective collaboration crucial advantages delivered by virtual meetings.


Body language has been proved to contribute up to 55% of a message and ultimately is why important meetings are always preferred face to face. Virtual Meeting Rooms deliver these three senses for face to face meetings.     

Any Device Access

What killed Video adoption was the issues around ease of use, whereas Virtual Meeting Rooms allow you to access face to face meetings from any device and ultimately devices you already have and are familiar with. Ultimately Skype for Business is a great tool however, accessing a meeting from a video unit, Video APP or audio device is not possible without a virtual room.

Any Platform access 

This removes the limits of Google, Microsoft, Apple face to face solutions which we call silos, only being able to facilitate meetings on their platform, but not between them, which is where Virtual Meeting Rooms play a crucial role.



Close Global,True Collaboration low res


Face to Face

Ultimately most meetings can move from audio or web sharing to Face to Face Virtual Meetings and some face to face meetings can switch to shorter virtual meetings. This is a huge benefit for teams and groups but also means Virtual Meeting Rooms can be deployed as a communication weapon, giving you the ability to do one thing well as an organisation or team, and thats to quickly meet face to face for the majority of meetings saving time and boosting productivity.


This is a Team we talked about in a previous blog as we believe it extends to NOT just the meeting attendee or end user but to Business units as a whole giving them a competitive communication edge, to finance enabling them to cut travel budgets whilst funding Virtual Meeting Rooms through flexible terms packages.( IT also get massive wins from virtual rooms, cloud based solutions that enable the flexibility to connect their organisation to anything a supplier, customer, contractor or partner may have. Frictionless meetings blog

So that's how Virtual Meeting Rooms add value delivering these severn elements that enable collaboration and communication beyond device and platform barriers to deliver True Collaboration.

However there is a deeper understanding required to see how to make that work beyond conquering face to face meetings from any device and platform to truly deploy True Collaboration, which we have again summarised. We are going to look at these in reverse order starting from WHAT are the benefits from starting the True Collaboration journey?



Close Global, Wainhouse Charts BenefitsLift Productivity 


Wainhouse in their study of 4,000 frequent users of Visual Communication determined the number 1 benefit was productivity.


Its worth noting the other two principle benefits of "Impact on discussions, faster input" and "Better Faster Decisions" from no travel being required, easier to get meetings scheduled that require frequently less diary time.  




Cut Travel 

Finance Directors worldwide must be very wary of this being thrown out as a business benefit but by examining the two previous failures to deliver travel savings one can see how Virtual Meeting Rooms will deliver it if implemented effectively. 

Video - penetrated 5% of the 50M meeting rooms word wide (Source Logitech) whereas Virtual Meeting Rooms can be accessed from any device and any platform anywhere, for Browser users with one click of a mouse. Hardly the ease and widespread nature that video units/kit delivered.

Skype For Business, Google Hangouts neither of these popular leading platform based solutions can deliver Face to face meetings from any device and platform. Virtual Meeting Rooms can extend any platform natively, with no software to download or plugins to instal which when coupled with no new end users workflows delivers compelling adoption for users versus previous hampered or limited options. Skype or Hangouts could simply not be extended to whatever a supplier, customer, partner or contractor had, Virtual Rooms can. we therefore believe pursued sensibly Virtual Meeting Rooms can deliver these savings. 



Close Global, True Collaboration benefits, low res



The Increase in Teamwork 

If its easier to meet (1 Click, any familiar device , any platform flexible) and all three senses can be used to absorb and share information, faster then working in teams becomes far easy, in fact the danger for the modern manager is to loosen control whilst maintaining it, and ensuring teams are formed quickly and disbanded just as quickly. 

Face to Face Communication - empowering emotional intelligence  

Any effective leader understands the importance of "emotional intelligence" which is why the face to face meeting is the preferred weapon of an effective manager. Now it can be deployed so easily that the danger is exhaustion and no time to follow up, but this can with sensible planning be managed.



Close Global, Socially Intelligent Leadership Abilities, low resEmpower Socially Intelligent Leadership

Harvard Business Reviews "On Collaboration" has a good section on this however, the key talent of the leaders of today is the social intelligence skills required to tap into talent pools, design and dissolve teams and do so as a CRUCIAL SKILL. Those key skills are:

1. Develop and Coach others

2. Instil and develop a teamwork culture 

3. Be organisationally aware

4. Have influence and empathy as well as the ability to inspire

5. However they must also be attuned to the environment, people and organisation they are in.



The next two benefits follow naturally, Better Business Decisions,  will be a byproduct of involving the right people, quickly to get input, a 360 view and then sensible balanced decisions follow.

Faster Together      

Ultimately this is about establishing Faster Business momentum inside the company than the marketplace your in, which means you'll lead the market rather than follow it. Together is the key ingredient that dispersed teams could easily lack before Virtual Meeting Rooms as now getting the team together, the informed, inclusive and "got it" nature of face to face meetings ensure that sense of belonging in the team/organisation.

We will not cover all these elements that are very much the HOW TO deliver True Collaboration as there is overlap however below you will see the key elements: 



Close Global, True collaboration How to deliver v4 low res


An upgrade to a "Face to Face Communication" Culture 

This is now easy you know the tools and key people and leadership elements just make sure you pick the right tool that delivers Virtual Meeting Rooms that are NATIVe to the platforms you use and require no downloads or plugins and have those True Collaboration any device and any platform ingredients.

5D Communication 

This is a summary term for the 3 senses (3D) plus Any Device capability (4D) and any platform (5D). Without this element in your virtual meeting room package you will fall short in this next communication competition. Cleaning house and throwing out old audio conferencing, web conferencing solution is key and will save money. 

Collaboration Culture 

This is crucial to get the decision making benefits and teamwork and engagement, it just has to be mentored by leaders at the very top and throughout the organisation. 


This is vital if you intend disrupting your market or others better than your competition, simple put if this isn't core to your organisation then you will become a victim of someone else's innovation plan. As Jack Welch said those who move faster than their market survive, those that don't die. Uber, Amazon, Apple have all delivered huge innovation blows to the markets of taxi's , retail and phones and countless casualties like Blackberry/Nokia litter corporate history and point to what happens if innovation stagnates.

A Summary figure foe those that like one image sums up the content of this blog.


Close Global. True Collaboration Golden Circle, low res (1)

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

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