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Virtual Meeting Rooms a White Label Service

[fa icon="calendar"] 9 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Close provide a Platform as a Service developed over 5 years to enable resellers and customers to self provision Virtual Meeting Rooms.

At the Core of the service is the ability to meet face to face from any device or platform. 


Close Connected Room Systems Low Res

What problems does it solve?

For years customers have understood that Meeting Face to Face was the most effective method of communicating:

  • However the systems that all the platform providers used to deliver communication worked in one way
  • Internally 
  • Unless you were on the Silo of Microsoft you couldn't communicate face to face with people on Cisco or Google.
  • So when customers want to do that as its the most effective way of meeting they have a problem 

Copy of Silo Platforms Linkedin Vmeet Version

The Close Platform enables customers on different platforms and devices to meet face to face

  • To Share content from Skype for Business to a Video Unit (Images are important they go into the long term memory)
  • To Meet to see and read each others body language (up to 55% of a meetings message) 
  • To hear each others ideas even if they are commuting and just listening on audio (on a train)

The Close Platform allows Resellers to provision the service Globally and to:

  • White Label the service themselves 
  • Or White Label It for Customers 

So how does the Platform work and what are the benefits?

Close Platform, Low Res


The Modular that delivers the Face to Face Meeting is the worlds best Pexip. Developed by ex Tandberg engineers. The Pexip solution delivers in several fundamentally different ways from its distant hardware cousins:-

  • Firstly, its Software not hardware so as a solution it can be baked into numerous solutions.
  • Secondly, its agnostic, irrespective of the device if it has audio capabilities it can connect to a meeting.
  • Thirdly, Irrespective of Platform it can connect to a meeting, across platforms.
  • Fourth, their prowess as engineers has enabled them to develop solutions for and with legendary industry names, remaining neutral to extract the best solution for every partner.
  • Five, That Means its Microsoft certified for every Skype for Business variant. 


  • That the solution is the ONLY certified Partner for Google's Hangouts Meet product
  • That its native to Microsoft using no plugins or software downloads to deliver a solution
  • You simply add your virtual Room as a contact storing the "name" of the room in the email field,
  • You send invites out using outlook that enable any platform to join
    • an audio number for audio attendees
    • A link for browser based attendees 
    • A SIP address (email) for Video APP's
    • An IP address for legacy video equipment   




Twilio delivers audio from 64 countries into any face to face Meeting

  • dial in on local country numbers to save money
  • don't worry about call capacity as Twilio has no limits 
  • Use the same number and pin numbers for security
  • Calls start at 2.5p/m a fraction of the cost for BT conferencing for example 

Microsoft Azure LogoThe whole Platform is Hosted on Azure which compliments the Pexip accreditation with Microsoft. 

  • The Platform dynamically spins up servers in up to 54 Countries and these servers carry the face to face video media around the world 
  • Azure Traffic is encrypted to AES128 bit government security levels to ensure no live calls can be hacked.
  • The Calls are not stored AT ALL so unless you record the meeting then no data is stored
  • The recordings are auto deleted after 24 hours to ensure security
  • The Azure servers authenticate all Microsoft traffic in order to deliver the service in a native way 

The Azure Network

  • Adds another level of power to the solution.
  • The traffic carried on the network is secure from data centre to data centre 
  • The quality of that network delivers to HD quality connectivity. 

HubSpot logoHubspot Digital Marketing and CRMAll of the activity on the Close platform populates the Hubspot database which means we can deploy powerful fully automated Marketing Workflows to support Free Trials and Freemium testing.


For the reseller this means the following:

  • We can deliver tailored landing pages to support any marketing campaign 
  • We can monitor all traffic on the websites, landing pages, Blogs and PDF's and report that to the Close demo team.
  • That means the team always know whats going on with every customer to assist the Close.

Reseller Charter 

We have covered in the following blogs 

10 Key Areas for Reselling Virtual Rooms

Marketing Virtual Rooms

White Label Platform 

We have Developed over 5 years a simple charter to help resellers develop a Communications Business

Your Customer 1. We insist you sign the customer on your agreement and you own the relationship, we simply assist.

Evergreen Revenue and Commission

2. We pay commission for the life of the customer and have you invoice them.

We believe you can then maintain the relationship with the client and build a sustainable revenue and margin line.

3. Branding 

We offer you a powerful white label branded service which ourselves and Pexip support.

Freemium Reseller Portal (1)The portal can be branded:

  • at the domain level - to be 100% your service
  • at a website level Reseller Portal with your look and feel.
  • Its your choice either the whole service "branded" or just the doorways to the Reseller and Demo portal.
  • The key is your reseller Portal enables you to self brand customer demo's.
  • So you have a impactful demonstration that seperates you from competition.

4. Marketing    

We have developed an entire marketing suite to help you convert customers and will work tirelessly to ensure they get the message and understand its true value.

5. Sales Demo

We assist with sales demo's to help you convert, it is in our interest to do so. The demo team will conduct as simple 121 with each sales team member so they are confident to forward a simple introductory video. 

Close explained (video) 

7. Free Trial or Freemium

We offer customer two conversion vehicles to convert them

  • A 14 day free trial for end users 
  • Freemium an unlimited timescale test service (3 users 30 minutes max)


8. Sales Demo Team Close 

All the activity on Free trials and Freemium test rooms is monitored and the demo team help you to then close each opportunity.

Easy to sell wheel (4) (2)

It's a Simple well developed process, we'd welcome you to Join our team of global resellers.

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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