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Virtual Meeting Room Top Supplier Criteria

[fa icon="calendar"] 30 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Virtual Meeting Rooms are very different - so make sure you check the following criteria:

No1 - Pexip Powered 

Pexip are both Microsoft and Uniquely Google certified partners and lead the industry in ensuring that every device and platform talk to each other.

No 2 - Flexible Commercials 

From the outset check you can:

Save a minimum of 40% off BT conferencing rates, rates start from 2.5 pence a minute.

Check the phone numbers used are not national or premium rate numbers, that cost your guests dearly. 

Next ensure your supplier has PAY AS YOU GO as well as subscription rates. 

No Minimum Room purchases, a lot of suppliers stipulate a minimum of 10 rooms must be purchased.

Monthly and Annual subscription rates enable you flexibility and to save cash.   


close platform Key deliverables v2 (1)

White Label Services for Resellers 

These enable you to launch your brand not market someone else's. The big brands often want you to sign your customers on their agreements and then they prospect them to take them direct in month 10 or 11 of the 12 month contract.

14 Day Trial

Check that you get offered 14 day trials and there's an easy sign up and conversion process at the end of the trial period. Most companies limit the attendees or the number or length of meetings, which when your evaluating and trying a product its the last thing you need when your just discovering the flexibility of virtual meetings.


Ask if they have an IT test plan that's free for IT and gives access to the most advanced features of the product so you can test the advanced use cases. Adding Auto Participants on your Virtual Meeting Rooms is a breeze and instantly activated on your room.   


Not just the basics of cross platform chat, content sharing, recording and streaming but the more advanced features of dial out and auto dial and for Skype for Business users Drag and Drop.

Experienced Demo Team

Check and see if they have a demo team who are interested in your use cases more than they are in the sale! Who assist with any customer Q & A and use a Genius Desk to support you in:


Close Genius Desk

1. Driving adoption

2. Implementation webinars 

3. Measuring True Collaboration Impact 

4. Driving down costs 

5. And then handover that Support function to your own IT team 







Microsoft Cerimages-1tified for Skype for Business is key, as well as the Azure Data Centres to guarantee that Global quality you need, ensure Azure secure VPN transport and AES 128 Byte military grade encryption of all media streams. 




Instant Branding 

We will brand your Corporate identity on your Room and Contact Management Portal as well as the Browser access from every device and platform to drive that all important 1st impression. 

Branding Offer 4 

Instant Provisioning of Companies, contacts, rooms, and security access settings are the basics that enable you the IT team to instantly provision the service yourself or let your AV reseller or IT support reseller manage the task for you. The moment you provision the room it can be used Globally.

Service level reporting and instant visibility of the performance of every call by media stream is all access via your management portal.





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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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