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Virtual Meeting Room pricing what to look for?

[fa icon="calendar"] 8 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt


You Want your Virtual Meeting Room Supplier to have a flexible approach to pricing to ensure the following:

1. You can deploy one solution across the whole company without paying subscriptions for them all!

2. You can have a single class of service without distinguishing between users effectively forming a communication elite and and at the other end of the spectrum, poor tools.

So how can you get what you need and what are the key attributes you should look for?

a) Make sure the service has audio conferencing access from the countries required, but that you are not paying for excessive toll free or national numbers. Local numbers can be somewhat cheaper.

b) Look for suppliers who offer different subscription levels that reflect usage and save money.

c) Check that there are no minimum room numbers required (Preset limits of a minimum purchase of 10 rooms are common)

d) Check they offer monthly billing, not just annual rates, no one like that huge cost that requires justifying if its not required or being locked in for long periods when there's no need.

e) Ensure that you can consolidate other communication costs in your business 

- Remove any audio conferencing costs/suppliers

- Cut web content sharing suppliers

- Remove any video hardware group licensing costs (for connect to Skype for Business) for more than one end point connectivity.

f) Check that the supplier offers a PAY AS YOU GO tariff so that low volume users do not cost you for unnecessary subscriptions. 

g) Check that any PAY AS YOU GO users that start to use regularly can be moved to subscription tariffs with no penalty.

h) Width of offer, check that Virtual Meeting Rooms can record and if the service is free or chargeable.

i) Check if the Virtual Rooms can stream meetings to YouTube or private webcasting services to save on studio costs.

j) Check if the recording quality enables you to use the content of your meetings and interviews for Digital Marketing to save costs with live testimonials or CEO podcasts.

A summary here (below) of the kind of Value Ladder you need that encompasses these 10 points for your Virtual Meeting Rooms is a good visual check.

Value Ladder Low Res

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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