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Virtual Meeting Room Branding - offer

[fa icon="calendar"] 22 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

At Close we have offered powerful branding of Virtual Meeting Room sites for 5 years, Why?

Whether your a Corporate or an SME your identity is key:-

a) For bring a team together to work on a project 

b) Bonding disparate mobile team members 

c) Connecting to Partners Suppliers, contractors and Customers whilst projecting the right image

We are therefore launching a branding offer for all free trial and Freemium sign ups with immediate effect:


1. You sign up with a corporate email address 

2. You provide your corporate URL some we can brand your site with your corporate look and feel accurately


Close global Free Virtual Meeting Room Branding Offer


How to get your Branding Upgrade DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE Company Meeting Site - Branding Upgrade

The Virtual rooms we supply have only the very best pedigree:

1. The very best face to face meeting connectivity across devices and platforms provided by Pexip

2. A service supported on Azure servers deployed globally 

3. Those servers are connected by the Azure network for very efficient and secure signalling.

4. We do not store meetings, or screen scape invites, the signalling is encrypted to AES128 byte levels i.e Government grade security.

5. Has coupled with it Twilio audio that is elastic in nature having no capacity limits for audio attendees.


Close Global Pexip Cloud w logos v2

The Pexip Engineers have developed the solution in a native fashion that requires:

  • No plugins or downloads 
  • Is Skype for Business certified for Face to Face meetings with any device or platform
  • The service is also Teams Certified.  

Some of you may have come across Zoom, which is a great product:

  • It is not Microsoft certified 
  • Is not host on Azure for secure Microsoft connectivity 
  • Has no Skype for Business certification 
  • No Teams certification
  • It is not a native tool requiring software to be downloaded 


close v zoom advantages v2 (1)



The Close Virtual Meeting Rooms use Skype for Businesses native features so there are no new workflows:

  • Simple add your rooms as a contact 
  • Invite your attendees via outlook
  • (guest url's / video access / audio access can be copied from your dashboard on sign up)
  • In Skype for Business (SfB) you join your virtual room by search for it and then clicking on the video icon

Close Virtual Meetings Skype For Business


Feel Free 

Feel free to extend this offer to IT colleagues in any business that would benefit as we are only too happy to extend it to anyone signing up who gives us these two things:

  • Corporate email address 
  • Corporate URL

Branded Virtual Meeting Rooms two free options, are here:

1. For IT Teams 

Freemium Free Branding Offer

2. For End Users who wanted unlimited access but do not need advanced features and costs

14 Day Free Trial Free Branding Offer  

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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