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The True Collaboration Golden Circle Explained

[fa icon="calendar"] 13 December 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

The Golden Circle is all about understanding Why you would do something, the what do you have to do to get there and then finally, how do you do it.

It's a time honoured method of working out a plan.

For Example True Collaboration, why would you want to journey there?

- Simply put to get to a position where as a business and a team, we make better business decisions, faster as a team, together.

What do we need to ultimately to run successful businesses today, you have to make better decisions, faster than the competition or market you are in and execute them.

You need look no further than the S & P 500:

- 25 years ago the average age of all the companies in it 81 years

- Today, thats that average age, is just 16 years

So the disrupt or be disrupted mantra is very much in focus.    

true collab circle low res (1)


So What do we have to do, understand and action, to get to this faster moving world?

The first step is we must recruit or access and retrain our managers and leaders to ensure they are Socially Intelligent. What skill sets do they have to embrace? 

We will get to that in the next section.

Then it's about What do we need to innovate and create efficiently and the answer to that today is 3D communication tools as a minimum, which is the ability to see sense and hear in face to face meetings. 3D communications ensure those three "channels are available" to increase the speed of information flow and understanding. As you move to 4D any device and 5D any platform communication which opens up the ability to connect not just better internally, but externally with the companies suppliers, partners, contractors and customers.

The key to get buy-in, is whatever communication tools and workflows are used they are easy to use and provide a frictionless experience.

close global, True collaboration what to deliver

So HOW do we innovate and create quickly, we need those Socially Intelligent leaders to collaborate efficiently with the following skills sets. 

Skills that must be core competences are:

- develop and Coach others   

- instil and develop a teamwork culture 

- be organisationally aware 

- have influence and empathy as well as the ability to inspire

- However they must also be attuned to the environment, people and organisation they are in.

Once these leaders are equipped with the skills we need tools that enable us to communicate efficiently so messages are understood quickly. 

These tools must enable face to face communication without travelling to the venue, enable be to see images, sense body language and connect from any device irrespective of platform. 

That way the leaders can start with collaborating internally and then extend to the suppliers, customers, partners or customers using the same tools, gaining a competitive or level (par) communication edge.

close global, True Collaboration How to deliver v4 (1)


One we have understood how we get there and implemented the changes then the benefits are enormous and game changing.


a) should not be daunting IF you choose the right tools

b) the any device and any platform tools are best as there are no device or system change lead times or cost

c) your also future proofed as if you or a suppliers, partner change platform or tools they will be compatible.

So the advise check your tools are 5D any device and platform compatible!

Close Global, True collaboration BenefitsThen firstly you will benefit from:

a) Higher productivity. 

b) Supplier, partner, customer and contractor face to face communication from any device will cut travel budgets.

c) Teamwork will naturally increase in frequency as it's easier to accomplish.

d) Better still a lot of poor communication on email or screen sharing will migrate to face to face communication where emotional intelligence skills are easier to deploy and get results faster. 

e) The hardest task is probably the leadership learning or using more of their social intelligence skills

f) Ultimately once mastered you'll make better business decisions, getting more accurate information quicker, with more informed advice/input

g) The speed you make decisions together, will rapidly improve.


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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