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Virtual Meeting Rooms - Global Provisioning Platform

[fa icon="calendar"] 9 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

First the Service has one primary purpose to enable resellers to self provision a "face to Face Meetings Service from any device or Platform."

The Second objective is to enable customers to meet on Virtual Meeting Rooms provisioned by the reseller on any device they are familiar with and any platform they have already deployed. 


Close Connected Room Systems Low Res


The Platform is Built on 5 Core Ingredients and 5 years of reseller feedback.

1. The platform uniquely ties together the 5 best in class modules so that they scale a service automatically. Pexip is the best in class interoperability toolkit with:

  • The best engineers from mostly a Tandberg stable 
  • They have create a Microsoft Certified service for Skype for Business (in all its variants) and Teams
  • They have also developed and released a Google Partnership based on Google Hangouts Meet (Unique)
  • We have woven the Pexip capability into the heart of the platform 

Close Platform, Key Differentiators

2. Twilio 

Twilio works perfectly with Pexip simply allowing Audio customers to join from around the world (64 countries) dialling in to video based meetings, when they cant join Face to Face.

The Twilio service scales and has elastic unlimited calls and attendee capability removing the old capacity blocks of previous services.

3. The whole platform is based on Azure and its global network of 54 Data Centres ensure the very best in call quality and security. The Azure Data Centres ensure trusted device status for Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams calls allowing swift call authentication and media signalling.

No call data is stored and every call is encrypted to AES 128 bit government grade security standards.

4. The Azure VPN network carries the traffic between data centres at lightening speeds guaranteeing call quality and performance standards. 

5. Hubspot enables us to offer resellers the Digital Sales and Marketing tools so that every mouse click on every landing page is tracked and automatically triggers automated workflows. These workflows power the demo team that support your sales and marketing efforts using custom landing pages to cover every use case.

So that's the platform pedigree. 

Now what's in it for the reseller? 

Top Reseller Deliverables 

  • Evergreen Revenue and Margin
  • Flexible commercials that close 
  • You Own White label Service option
  • Sales Leads from your customer base
  • Simple Freemium marketing "test rooms"
  • Powerful Demo team to close 


Reseller Evergreen margin and commission

Now to commercials, commercial for the reseller to build a business to support their customers and commercials for customers.

Resellers first, some vendors pay on the first years revenue and ask your customers to sign their agreement. We work on the premise they are your customers and that you deserve the income and margin for the life of the customer.  

Close Global, Evergreen Margin and Revenue Blue Jeans Comparison

This enables you to build a business 

6 Key Considerations that point to how this impacts in this example! 

1. Close pay on the life of the customer - and in this example that means you get 666 billing revenue and margin months in the first 3 years. Remember 666.
2. Blue Jeans pay on year 1 which limits and second third and onward revenue from that customer to ZERO.
3. Resellers therefore Earn 3X more with Close over the 3 year example as we pay on the life of the customer.
4. You sign them on your own agreement, you bill them generating revenue and margin, we invoice you net terms.
5. You Keep your customer!
6. Build your business and revenue not someone else’s.  

The Rule of 78 explain how if you sign 1 customer a month how many revenue and margin months impact a 12 month budget for billing purposes.

It actually very simple:

- Customer 1 signs in January for 12 months

- Customer 2 in February for 11 months (billing impact on that years target)

- Customer 3 in March for 10 months

Cumulatively these add up 78 billing months in year one

For the example we have then extrapolated this to Year 2 and 3 with Close and Blue Jeans to show the opportunity to build a real business on sound commercials.     

Flex customer commercials

Flex delivers the customer, a range of price points, tariffs and options delivering flexibility. Close Global - Pricing and Value Ladder

1. Close give you a value ladder from free to £99 a month for your customers.
2. Close give you the unique Freemium tariff, the advanced free Virtual Room, to market with confidence.
3. Close give you monthly and annual virtual room tariffs, not just annual rooms.  
4. Close let your customers Flex, choose from PAY AS YOU GO tariffs or Subscription tariff options.
5. Close let your customer buy the number of rooms they need, not a minimum of 10.   


White Label "Your Branded" Portal and service

So here the question, do I want to push a brand and get the 1st years margin, commission and often have my customer sign a brands license agreement or do I want to build a business and my own brand? 

We enable you to build your brand and reinforce your customers brand, via the reseller portal. This delivers a powerful demo experience, rather like digital signage, where you demo the service wrapper in the customers brand, like Maserati below. 

Close Global, Freemium Reseller Portal (1)

The portal lets you create your “own branded” service and we do not just mean your logo here:

  • The domain
  • The communication
  • The OSX and Windows clients
  • The Meetings Browser access
  • Android Access

They can all be branded for a small monthly fee which also delivers the ability to:

  • Provision customer branded web access
  • Set up customers in minutes
  • Set up virtual rooms in minutes
  • Access customer trial, usage and service reporting
  • Create support tickets (we manage 2nd line and 3rd line queries)  

We give you Sales leads from your reseller portal - when you sign up


The Close portal gives you complete visibility of the old hardware still being used by customers, giving you a rich source of sales leads for the canny sales animals.

Close global, End Point Report

It doesn't matter whether the customer is:

- Enjoying a free trial 

- Using a freemium room to test

- Using their paid rooms

You get complete visibility of every customers calls and the kit they are using to access the service.


The most Powerful Freemium marketing service

The most powerful Free Premium service, for customer to test advanced use cases.

The Freemium product is not a cheap limited service, but a powerful test product designed for IT professionals to test the most extreme use cases and get comfortable, before they buy.

The product is limited to 3 users for 30 minutes and therefore can be used for testing, but not for meetings.    


Close Global, Freemium Features (1)


  • Unlimited Freemium rooms to market to your clients.
  • Not the cheapest product free, the fullest featured product to test advanced use cases.
  • Alerts that trigger our in-house demo team to Close the deal.
  • The demo team and Freemium specifically target customer technical contacts who understand the value we deliver.
  • We win using advanced features like dial out to Skype for Business. 
  • We educate the client with simple “Any Device and any Platform messaging”.
  • We give them Flex the value ladder to give them choice and comfort, peace of mind in their decision making.
  • We convert with the team and use short 1 minute videos to help your Teams educate customers.  

close global, introductory video


Full demo support

We Start with 2 simple sales processes that equip your sales team very quickly with one simple thing, confidence:

1. We show the sales team the product by getting them on it in short 15 minute 121 sessions.

  • We answer the questions they WILL HAVE and undo any false assumptions.

2. They are given a short 2 minute video to introduce the service to clients.

  • The customer gets a free trial to or Freemium test room to test
  • Those that use the rooms, they are time limited or guest limited get moved onto the paid service.

Close Global, Easy to sell wheel

We do not ask your sales team to learn the product, they attend any demo’s and learn from the questions our demo team will answer.

The demo team know how to use the platform armoury to get the client comfortable and engaged.

3. The demo team get alerts if any of the marketing collateral or videos are viewed and are therefore proactive and timely in their involvement.

  • With Pexip and Twilio you have the two best products in the market, that relax customers with the power of their features.
    • Azure servers and network satisfy the most curious of IT or security teams.
    • As does the Microsoft certified solution with unique native workflows and no plugins
    • No need for complex IT plugin build processes and delays
  • Giving your customers what they want Face to face meetings to any device and platform a True collaboration answer.  

4. We Then Target the customers that use Freemium or Free Trial Rooms to Close them.

As soon as they are closed we send you the alert, here's what to provision and invoice!


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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