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Pexip Virtual Meeting Room Cloud Solution

[fa icon="calendar"] 11 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

The close platform is unashamedly based on a Pexip connectivity, however that is just the start of its pedigree. The diagram below introduces the key components that form three big deliverables for the virtual meeting room reseller or IT team.

Close Pexip Cloud Service

1. A reseller provisioning and service delivery system. 

2. A web based meeting centre for across platform face to face meetings.

3. A marketing suite built to manage message delivery for every use case.  

So what do the components deliver?


 Close Graph


Reseller platform

- instantly provisioning virtual meeting rooms on a global Azure Data Centre network.

- creating branded meeting portals for client demonstrations in their corporate colours.

- measuring service delivery across all customers with exception reporting.

- managing free trials to paid rooms.

- feeding data to the digital marketing platform to manage prospects and customers. 

- setting audio access numbers.   

These are a few basics you can expect your platform to deliver. 



Meeting portals

- impressive corporate branding starts with the 1 click to join meeting portal.

- The Branding feature on the meeting portal helps with demo conversion rates and customer differentiation instantly, setting your demo apart from the alternatives.

- it extends to theming Skype for Business icons and all e-mail communication.  

- the dashboard enables self management of virtual meeting room security. 

- invites are sent from your dashboard or copied to whatever email, signatures, or scheduling tools you favour.

Digital Marketing Tools  

- Powerful reseller branded digital marketing tools enable marketing campaigns to both current and prospect customers.

- These tools help generate interest from the existing and prospect database with simple links to 1 minute customer introduction videos that have proved very successful.

- These tools power the Freemium test campaigns targeted to support IT teams.

- Freemium is unique and is explained here.  Freemium explanation

- The digital tools are linked to the customer management system enabling us to also power the demo team to educate and support the sales team.

- This is easy as the demo team see the customer clicking on links and triggering Trial use thresholds to save your sales team getting distracted. 

- So it means the customer interaction is timely when they want support or are interested rather than intrusive.


A powerful Reseller platform developed with over 5 years of reseller ideas

A unique high conversion branded meeting portal with a simple 1 click to join customer journey

A powerful digital marketing "just in time" alerts trigger system for timely customer interaction.

A Superb platform pedigree that has Microsoft Certified capabilities/deliverables. 

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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