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Pexip Cloud Services on Azure

[fa icon="calendar"] 1 December 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Close Platform Pedigree

The platform has the very best pedigree:

- Two key elements are Pexip for Face to Face Meetings and Twilio for Audio access at 2.5p a minute.

- These are complimented by an Azure Data centre network covering 140 countries connected by the military grade secure Azure network.     

Close Global, Flex Platform, Low Res


Pexip's pedigree as the ONLY Microsoft certified solution for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Pexip cloud  services can be provisioned worldwide instantly on close global’s management portal.



What are the components Close global service?

How does Close guaranteed performance?

What is the quality and security like?

How do you deal with sovereign data requirement?

Close global, Pexip Cloud 

Close global have developed over 5 years a management portal that can provision virtual meeting spaces across a global Azure network, instantly. It enables you to make a call seconds after creating a room from anywhere in the world. 


Close Global, Azure Data Centres Map

The Azure Network  provides a number of instant benefits:

  • Firstly, Microsoft engineered security to military standards.

  • Secondly,  data centres in 54 areas and regions, but provide crystal clear meeting quality.

  • Thirdly,  these data centres are connected buy a high quality secure VPN.

  • Fourthly,  he's data centres I've connected to locally ensuring Media streams Travel worldwide in less than 200 milliseconds.

  • Five, instant dynamic provisioning to ensure unlimited capacity



Meetings on Azure service With military level security, globally linked on a powerful virtual private network.  The location of these data centres and their connectivity ensure high quality which when added to the dynamic provisioning guarantees capacity.


Close Global, Azure options -  overflow

Close can complement any on-premise requirement by locating an edge server in your DMZ that connect to the global cloud giving you unlimited  cloud capacity.


Audio Consolidation 

Today there is no need to have both audio conferencing, web screen sharing and Face to Face communication.

Close offer Twilio's global audio service in two formats:

- Pay As you Go at 2.5p a minute 

- Bundled 400 minutes for £10 per month 

Typical we undercut Bt conferencing rates by 40%


Close Global, Twilio Global Coverage  

We have a pricing approach called FLEX, designed as the name suggests to be flexible with:

  • No minimum room numbers 
  • No minimum 1 year term 
  • PAY AS YOU GO per minute tariffs and subscription rates from as little as £19 a month
  • The ability to migrate from PAY AS YOU GO to subscription terms 

    Close Global Value Ladder - Flex System

    LEVEL 1 We start with two FREE offers for you to sign up 

Free Trial Sign Up 14 days

Freemium Advanced Testing Rooms

Option 1 - Free Trial - Unlimited Meetings, Attendees - 14 days limit 

This helps test the service anywhere worldwide with no meeting and attendee limits

Option 2 - Freemium - Advanced Testing - 3 Attendees, 30 minutes meeting time per session 

This enables every advanced use case to be tested without cost, from Dragging Video Units into Skype for Business meetings to basics likely Recording or Streaming cross platform meetings.

Close Global, Flex Pricing


LEVEL 2  Pay As You Go - Unique to Close Global - per minute tariff

This enables companies to have a Virtual Meeting Room and Pay only for what they use.  

The benefits here are simple:

- One class of service across an organisation, everyone has a room

- No crippling subscription costs for low volume users that prevent single solutions for the whole company 

- No set up costs

- Single monthly scheduled billing detailed by minute andsummarised in a single charge.

Both Video and Audio are available on per minute Pay as you Go tariffs - 20p a minute for Video, 2.5p a minute for audio.  

FLEX - enables high use Pay As You Go users to migrate to subscription tariffs at any month end to cap costs!

Level 3 - Screen share - basic subscription - From £14.90 a month 

The screen share option means you can share screens between Skype for Business and Web Browser users.


Close Global 1 Click to Join, Browser Service for Desktop, Laptop and Smart devices.   

Level 4 Personal Rooms - Single Host Virtual Meeting Rooms

Two Levels

Small Rooms max 5 attendees at £19 a month 

Medium Rooms max 10 attendees at £39 a month 

Level 5 Personal Rooms - Single Host - Unlimited Attendees 

This is a personal room with no limits, for executives who want freedom. 

Level 6 Team Rooms - Up to 10 Hosts

Ideal for small teams to share the cost of a room, with everyone able to manage the room, send invites via their dashboard. The cheapest 

Prices from £8.90 a host are the most cost effective, and again unique in the industry.

Level 7 Video Rooms

These are powerful rooms with additional features that include 

- Dialling Video units or Skype for Business users from your virtual room

- Dragging Video Units into Skype for Business Units using automatic dialling 

All the Rooms come with 1 Click to Join for both host and guest from Browsers on desktop, laptops and smart devices. 

host click to join

guest click to join


This is not a normal service being 5D capable, connecting any device and any platform

Two massive benefits being:

Any Device access - enabling you to use familiar devices - overcoming tradition fears of old video conferencing units

Any platform access - unique the Pexip powered offering gives IT directors Flexibility.


5D Any Platform (1)

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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