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Microsoft True Collaboration beyond Microsoft boundaries!

[fa icon="calendar"] 18 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

For the IT professional that has a Microsoft platform and let's face it, 79.3% do, here's some key reasons the Close Platform fit your need to have a collaboration solution that compliments:

  • Where you are now. 
  • Where you could be going.
  • And helps deliver flexibility along the way.


Close offer 8 areas of comfort to the IT professional, CTO, Project lead who is looking to take their environment to the next level of collaboration capability, which we call True Collaboration.

What does True Collaboration entail?

It fundamentally means owning the responsibility for collaboration BEYOND your organisation.

NOT an area of comfort for most IT teams as how do we know what devices and platforms they are likely to have!

Needless to say, that's where we come in.



To make life easier let us put it in context for the 79.3% of the market that has Lync or Skype for Business and at some point will consider Teams. The diagram below describes the four stages of evolution to True Collaboration.

Team Connectivity - Stage 1 where the Lync or Skype for Business solution is used internally

Siloed Collaboration - Stage 2 where you have Whitelisted or Federated other eco-system members, who also have Skype for Business.

Familiar Collaboration - Stage 3 where the first steps are made to connect devices OUTSIDE your organisation.

Finally the holy grail of - Stage 4 - True Collaboration where you can connect face to face from any device or platform.


Microsoft True Collaboration journey from Close Global   

Here are the reasons why we believe we are equipped to support you in that endeavour:

1.  There are a few solutions out there however a simple test divorces the NATURAL fits the Native solutions from the "made to work" crowd. If the solution requires:

- Plugins or Downloads then it isn't native which means something has to be changed immediately.

- Either IT have to do some Corporate Re-imaging or authorising yet another application 

- That then has to fit in with an ever expanding workload 

- Ultimately we have to then plan implementation as the USERS god bless then will have to learn new workflows.


2. Pexip are a team of engineers that have a Tandberg and Cisco rich pedigree of making devices and platforms talk to each other. As they explain it they are like the Swiss of collaboration, staying neutral and working with EVERY collaboration and communication platform, as long as its standards based. (Robust to you and me)

The Close solution is based on Pexip.

3. Azure the home of the Microsoft cloud is a natural fit with any Microsoft Collaboration solution for a number of reasons. Not least the Azure Servers are seen by Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams as trusted devices and therefore allowed to let traffic flow when authorisation checks are made. 

If you ever plan on dialing into a Microsoft meeting with the meeting ID, you need this. 

4. Azure Security, is trusted by Governments and has been amplified significantly in recent years with the expansion of the data centres to now 54 countries.

Whether that's the simple ability to provide or meet Sovereign Data requirements or to allow traffic to pass down the Azure Virtual private network, the security options are robust.

5Microsoft Certified solution

The native nature and advantages of the Pexip engineering, coupled with Azure Hosting and authentication lend the Close Platform a Microsoft Certified solution which is a key reason we chose Pexip.

6. The Military grade encryption to AES128 Bit levels also helped.

However it's worth noting than unlike other solutions:

a) There is no screen scraping 

b) No meeting data stored 

c) The Close solution only tackles the tough signaling and authenticating of the traffic, which means that whilst its secure there's no source of data to attack.

7. Skype for Business Certification

The Close solution being based on Pexip is certified for cloud communication with Skype for Business. 

8. And for those worried about future challenges Microsoft Teams accreditation has been gained already.      

close global advantages

8 Good reasons which the solution distances itself from solutions that are not wearing these badges of distinction!

For those that want a simple aide memoire, True Collaboration is not difficult with the right choice. 

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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