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Marketing Virtual Meeting Rooms what's the simplest way?

[fa icon="calendar"] 18 November 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Marketing Virtual Rooms can be hard to explain, what do they do?

The simplest explanation we have found is :"face to face meetings from any device or platform"

Why does that work?

It crosses the Technical and Business mindset enabling both to understand what your offering.

The deeper shift is the move from 1D Audio conferencing or 2D web conferencing and screen sharing to 3D face to face meetings but using technology.     

Background 1D 2D and 3D CommunicationClose Global - 1D to 3D Communication

1D is hearing only communication typically audio conferencing or email where the brain is processing words not going to the short term memory with obvious shortcomings.

2D is a huge Leap Forward and employees not just hearing the visualisation of images images that go into the long-term memory with huge benefits those benefits I'm not just the ability to recall the image from your long-term memory but also to comprehend it research has has has shown 60000 times faster than you do the written word.

3D employees 2D plus the ability to see body language body language has been programmed to contribute up to 55% of a meetings message this quite simply explained while some meetings have just got to be face to face they're too important for either 1D or 2D communication.

When you extend Microsoft face to face communication to what we call 4D any device and then 5D any platform, the business benefits become tangible.

Close Global - Wainhouse Charts Benefits

Wainhouse Research conducted a study of 4000 users of Visual communication to establish the benefits that those users derived from using 3D visual communication.

In today's world where companies have to disrupt before their markets are disrupted by competitors, gaining a competitive communication edge, when they invest in 3D-5D communication, is vital.

Especially when that is shown to deliver not just higher productivity, but faster input into decisions and Better Business Decisions.

Whilst that's the background communication needs to be simple, fixing the communication silos can be visual.  

 Close Global Communicate across any device


The Connectivity message needs simple Visual messaging and has one goal "illustrate the art of the possible" connect different devices and platforms for face to face meetings.

Close Global Virtual Meeting Spaces Connect any device and platform 


The objective drive a Free trial or Freemium test room. To help do that we have created a short video to illustrate what you can do with a virtual room.

Close Global Introductory Video Image

The Video Entices the user to test and there are two options

  • Free trial 
  • Freemium

The free trial can we signed up for from the Resellers home page Freemium is not time limited and is targeted at IT professionals:

  • Allowing them to test the most advanced use cases 
  • For Free 

The Freemium marketing toolkit comes with an entire suite of:

  • Linkedin and Social Media images 
  • Introductory Freemium Video
  • Introductory Freemium PDF 

Freemium Face to face meetings on any platform

The Freemium summary is below

  • IT professionals can test as much as they like 
  • The only limit 3 people and 30 minutes
  • All the basic and advanced features are Introduced here first.  

Close Global Freemium Features and Benefits image

So the Simple Marketing Path is a simple awareness, consider and convert 3 step process:

We have created two 3 step paths:

1. The Extend Microsoft to any device or platform , the Call to Action watch the video

2. The Video with a Call to action test the service   

Close Global Microsoft, awareness, consider and convert process

The Second is Upgrade from Audio conferencing (1D) or screen sharing (2D) to full 3D communication using all the senses.

Close Global 1D to 5D communication process, from awareness to consider and convert

We can employ a different path:

  • educate with 1D,2D and 3D,
  • explain the value options
  • and then the video and demo.

From a sales point of view the process is very simple and practical:

1. A 121 demo with each sales person - for 15 minutes

2. They then get the video to send to their Customers 

3. The customers get a demo, from the demo team and we set up a test room for them

4. We close those that use the room 

Close Global MaaS demo team - Easy to sell wheel

So the Marketing Toolkit is ready, with graphics, emails and videos and Freemium sign up links.

The sales process is simple and practical. 

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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