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Harvard Business Review Collaboration Summary for today's managers

[fa icon="calendar"] 3 December 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

The Harvard Business Review 150 Pages On Collaboration summarised for those short on time.


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Some 3 or 4 years ago now Mark Benioff CEO of Salesforce realised the power of "chatter" (Salesforce APP) in his own company to spread ideas, talk to customers and get feedback quickly.

He used it to serve as a catalyst for an open and empowered culture by using Chatter and Video to open up a 200 strong management meeting to the 5000 strong workforce. His aims we simple:

- Connect the management and team members to one vision, to unite the company and enhance direction and drive forward performance. The book tells in a short sketch how he did this however the lessons are here for all managers he realised and many Executives realise the need for different playbook in the hyper connected organisation. Here are the KEY TAKEOUTS

- Command and control management styles in vertical or team silos, doesn’t work

- And at the opposite end of the scale to much "Consensus Management can grind decision making to a halt, to many meetings and no output.

A new leadership style required that much Harvard argue have four traits.

1. Play global connector

2 Engage talent at the periphery of the organisation

3 Collaborate at the top first

4. Collaboration does not equal consensus

For the author these are a bit to high brow for the manager looking for the tools and actions/styles that they need to adopt to succeed in this new world.

The big change that's required is the reward and recognition systems need to change so individual performance is recognised less and team collaborative performance is rewarded far more.

Effective leaders today now have a role directing teams they maintain agility by forming disbanding collaborative teams making sure collaborative efforts are fluid.

So questions start to emerge "How do we loosen the control without losing control?"

How do we evolve so we are leading to richer or innovative and more valuable leadership and teamwork?

So whilst the first two chapters sketch and signpost towards the change here's the REAL TAKEOUT.  

A new era of social intelligence and understanding the biology of leadership has emerged 

The new leaders operate a system of mood contagion creating an environment where followers mirror there leaders literally.

Scientists: Goleman and Boyatzis advise the key need is to sharpen social intelligence skills

Seven skills for the successful new manager to have:

1. Empathy

2. Attunement

3. Organisational awareness

4. Influence

5. Developing others

6. Inspiration

7. Teamwork

So whilst we point to the skills of the new era manager the bulk of them need help to change and we argue that that needs to be a minimum of 3D communication abounding old tools so that at the click of a mouse you can connect face to face engaging all senses communication (Hearing, Seeing and Sensing body language)



Close Global, 3D Communication answers and benefits



That change is simple shift from the left to the right. We argue that now there are a host of tools that do that but that leading companies go beyond just Internal Communication in 3D to collaborate with Suppliers, Partners, Customers and contractors.

For this you need 4D tools that enable Face to face communication from any device.


Close Global 4D Communication From Any Device (1)


The leaders in Collaboration the likes of Arup have made the leap to 5D communication with the ability to connect with Suppliers, Partners, Customers and Contractors.


Close Global, 5D Communication from any platform (1)


So to conclude the first two chapters the new manager needs these social intelligence tools to drive the modern hyper connected organisation.  

The seven skills of Empathy,  Attunement, Organisational, awareness, Influence, Developing others, Inspiration and Teamwork cannot be deployed without new tools that have as a minimum 3D communication and more usefully 4D or 5D communication.


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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