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Frictionless Meetings - the minimum requirements

[fa icon="calendar"] 28 November 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

This blog marks a break through for us at Close as we announce another milestone in "the Click to Join" simple customer journey we all signposted years ago as UTOPIA. 

Today as a minimum of 3D Communication meetings is now viewed as the Key for a Frictionless Meeting we are signposting several others and announcing a break though in one of them.   

Firstly, 3D Communication, Now firmly established as the minimum acceptable level of call by Business Users to avoid the business Friction of:

- Fighting over diaries to co-ordinate a time when everyone  can get to the same place, the physical meeting room.

- Travelling to a meeting, losing productivity.

- Having the meeting and travelling again!

238 million people have recognised that as NOT REQUIRED if you can connect Face to Face a meet in a Virtual Room.  

Close Global, 3D Communication (1)

Secondly, people have realised there's another level of friction that needs to be removed, having the right device or being on the right platform, and we recognise the flexibility now of any device 4D Communication, as well as 5D any platform, communication. 

Close Global, 3d - 5d communication with explanations


Now we start the journey to finesse the access routes and narrow them down to a "single Click to Join" user journey. Today we are proud to announce iOS click to join using Safari!

Close Global, 1 Click to join, iOS Safari


So a user can join a Virtual Meeting Space with the click of a mouse on a link.

There are some limitations, the device must be on iOS 11 or more however, Iphone 6 plus users are safe.

Click to Join a meeting now exists across a vast range of browsers, platforms as well as Desktop and Smart devices. 

Close Global, 1 Click to Join, Desktop Table v2-1

This is exciting as we approach the optimum customer journey for such a vast array of devices and platforms. Crucial as market leader is the Skype for Business level, here we see YET ANOTHER friction barrier removed by Pexip who are now Microsoft accredited across On Premise, Cloud 365 and Teams. 

So what is this significant barrier and what has been removed?

1. No Plugins - this is significant the removal of the need for a plugin in Skype for Business 

2. No more "builds" of corporate plugins that takes a huge amount of IT administration and management away.

3. No software to download, Pexip based solutions require native Microsoft features to be used, the contact, the outlook invite and the Skype for Business video journey, as simple click on a video icon.   

Frictionless Meetings, 1 Click to join, Browser Access table

This is a huge break through for:

1. Business users wanting a simple customer journey for end users but crucial more important those crucial productivity gains.

2. For Business leaders wanting a simple method for external partners, customers, suppliers and contractors to join a call.

3. For IT departments, who do not need the admin burden of plugins and Software downloads.

4. For Finance teams that want the reduction in Travel costs, they've been promised so many times before. 

5. For Business Leaders and Team Leaders who want True Collaboration to secure rapid input into decisions, better business decisions, teamwork and engagement.

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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