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[fa icon="calendar"] 23 December 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

To deliver Frictionless collaboration and communication across an organisation and even more importantly to extend it to its eco system is not easy.

Here we attempt to help by signposting the things to look for at each level of the organisation to get the right solution that delivers for every consumption level in the business.

A summary Infographic is below but we'll explain it further to help drive understanding. 

Close Global, Frictionless Collaboration and CommunicationBusinesses today need to innovate before their markets are disrupted by innovators often from outside the traditional market.

Look at Taxi's and Uber. 

Look at Retail and Amazon. 

Look at Films and Netflix. 

Look at Takeaways and Deliveroo. 

Today businesses need to communicate and collaborate faster and better than traditional and non-traditional competitors and they therefore need a host of better tools - or just one carefully conceived one.

Th old days are now frightening for the finance and IT team as they know a hardware based communication answer is fraught with massive cost, Capex, and likely to be out striped before the depreciation is halfway through its cycle.

Close Global, Business Frictionless Meeting desires 

So Businesses needs today at the sharp end are:

  • Collaborate and work with suppliers, customers, partners and contractors better than ever before.
  • This has implications for the tools the use as either the travel activity needs to explode or face to face communication needs to be delivered a better and faster way.
  • Better teamwork can and does lead to better business decisions as you get input from more sources and if the right tools are used you can get that input and understanding faster than you used to by meeting face to face online.
  • The more involved the team the more self worth, engagement and motivation that are crucial for keeping top talent today.


Close Global Finance frictionless meetings


However, before we go writing extensive business cases that require endless sign off chains then lets remove some of those time and effort barriers, to deliver frictionless transition not just to the business so it can move faster but to finance so they buy in quicker.

  • Todays solutions are software based and therefore require little or no hardware Capex.
  • Opex based solutions can be paid by the business units that require them from dispersed budgets nearer the customer delivery point. 
  • That way we get solutions that deliver what the the guys and girls looking after the customer need too.
  • Better still solutions exist that DO NOT REQUIRE EVERYONE to have a subscription and therefore we have no gym membership type cost issues.    
  • Pay as you go communications solutions exist for the teams that aren't so engaged that have zero monthly costs unless they are required, which means you can have one companywide solution without a huge bill.
  • For finance teams it also means that costs are linked to activity and variable which ticks another great finance desirable solution box. 
  • And for finance we have two further home runs, solutions exist now that can deliver face to face meetings without the travel to those key suppliers, customers, partners and contractors, so selecting the right solution that enables that communication to any device or platform these communities may have is now possible. So a travel cost reduction is a genuine deliverable.
  • Higher productivity is also a key deliverable from the right solution and the impact here is huge, let us put it in context. a 1% increase in global productivity is worth £500bn. Today the entire collaboration market is worth $22.5bn or £17bn, so the cost of these solutions is easily offset by the productivity gain when you do the simplest return on investment calculation.


Close global, I.T frictionless meetings 

The IT team have another set of wins from the right solution, but lets start with some of those already covered above:

  • The ability to have a solution that communicate beyond I.T.'s normal firewall boundaries and has the flexibility to deliver easy communication face to face with whatever a supplier or partner is using is huge.
  • Having tools that have subscription and per minute tariffs is cool as it ensures one companywide solution, classless not one for the boardroom and another for the troops.
  • Solutions now exist that DO NOT NEED software to download or plugins, that with those factors alone remove friction. 
  • The right tools also compliment what you have already requiring minimal if not zero changes to workflows within tools that have been already deployed like Skype for Business or Google Hangouts.
  • Being software based these tools require minimal IT overhead and administration and often this can be outsourced to a key supplier.


Close global , End User frictionless meetings


The end user also has some easy wins from the right tools:

  • 1 click to join (from a browser) simple processes remove the old fear of using complex equipment people rarely used and replace them with the ability to use devices they are familiar with.
  • The tools are high quality and easy to use, sharing content across platforms in High Definition is a simple mouse click.
  • And the real win is every face to face meeting attendee gets to use devices they already have and are familiar with, so the investment is in the communication tool that links devices you already have.   

At Close we are familiar with these communication tools that deliver frictionless meetings and are more than happy to demonstrate these to any of the above stakeholders or users.

Just take some confidence that the frictionless face to face meeting has arrived for the business, end user, finance and IT, a huge step forward IF YOU PICK THE RIGHT SOLUTION! Frictionless Business Meetings Video


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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