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Frictionless meetings and 68 requirements that End Users, The Business, Finance and IT will have to be truly frictionless.

[fa icon="calendar"] 25 November 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt


Frictionless meetings 


This document looks at several prospectives:-

  • The business benefit,

  • IT benefit,  

  • The finance benefit,

  • The end user benefit,

of frictionless meetings.

Let's first of all define what we mean by frictionless meetings.

At Close we define frictionless meetings as delivering to the business,IT and the end user the simplest way of "setting up and meeting and conducting that meeting”

So let's look at the business drivers for a frictionless meeting:

The ability to get the message across clearly, so the attendees of the meeting can execute  the desired outcomes.

Let's look at the simplest way and ingredients to make that happen.  firstly it is crucial that all 3 senses can be used during the meeting by each attendee. This ensures  everyone can input to the meeting quickly and that the message is understood.

The journey to 3d Communication


What are those three senses? the ability to hear the message,  the ability to see pictures or images that portray the message, and the ability to see the body language of all the attendees.  why is that important, scientists have for years understood that to enhance understanding images are crucial. Some scientists  have actually put a number on images and their power to increase rapid understanding, that number is 64000 x the speed that you would comprehend the written word. the same scientist and researchers believe that up to 55% of a meetings message can be construed from the body language of The Host and guest attendees.


The benefits of 1 D to 3 D Communication



At close we call the use of these three senses, 3D  communication and we believe that is the minimum standard for Virtual meetings,  the main reason being that you can actually then challenge why somebody would want to travel to a meeting and it's associated cost and loss of productivity when they could attend the meeting online.

3D communication is crucial for the business to make rapid decisions however it also has a massive impact on the finance and i t communities.

We therefore believe if the business is still using audio conferencing(1D  hearing only) communication or web conferencing (2D hearing and images), then they are missing out on the business benefits as well as the finance benefits.


3d - 5d Communication - Frictionless Meetings


So a low friction meeting, to a business has to be a minimum of 3D,  insuring that the attendees messages can be understood quickly and actioned,  without substantial impact on the emotional intelligence gained from face-to-face meetings.




From an adoption viewpoint there are 7 Key requirements:

1. No downloads to manage connected with the  software that users might find difficult

2.  No plugins who are the software that may or may not work or be accepted by IT and introduce delay or difficulty

3. Easy to use it must be a simple for end users to use an  adopt

4.  Ideally it should not introduce any new workflows that people need to learn  that slow down adoption

5. It should require minimal training and be largely intuitive

6. Must deliver a minimum of 3D communication capabilities outlined above to ensure faster better business decisions

7.  It should deliver 4D any device and 5D any platform flexibility so that nothing a byod or external supplier or body  can ask us to connect to thwarts communication at minimum of 3D


8. The solution must introduce tangible productivity gains  that reward the business in output and the individual in quality of life and work life balance.

9. The solution must enable the business to reduce decision times getting input faster understanding quicker and decisions made faster.

10.  It must deliver tangible reductions in travel budgets to offset the cost.

11.  It must deliver a competitive communication advantage against current competitors and future and put us on par with the fast  competition and the head of anything and other competitors.

12. It must deliver better teamwork enabling team members in different offices and locations to work together effectively sharing information and getting on the same page quickly.

13.  It must enable and empower flexible working to retract the highest quality of staff and retain them

14.  It must remove distance between all employees so that the business feels United and closer together.

15.  You must deliver a solution which enables wide adoption throughout the company and therefore employees feel included and the company is perceived as inclusive,  critical when so many future employees can just look at glass door to see the reality.


16. The solution must offer pay as you go tariff that does not penalise lack of use but rewards it with low cost.  and also enables widespread use as the pay as you go tariff attract no setup costs.

17. Must be able to use from any audio or camera enabled device, devices we have already have and are familiar with.

18.  They must be able to use from any platform that suppliers contractors customers or partners challenge us to work with.

19. They must be the ability to move between  tariffs should I use a change the usage pattern and end up spending more on pay-as-you-go than they would have done on subscription.

20.  The solution must deliver the ability to sweat old equipment I must not drive change of hardware or driver Capex budget.

21. And, lastly it solution must have the flexibility to be used by all team members regardless of aptitude and ability technology wise.

 frictionless meetings - business needs


IT needs split into three categories:

  • Cost

  • Management

  • adoption and flexibility


22. The need for a pay as you go as well as subscription tariff,  so we can deploy as widely as possible without driving cost to a preventative prohibitive level.

23. The solution must deliver the ability to consolidate audio conferencing web sharing and face-to-face meeting Solutions preferably into one supplier.

24. The solution should deliver the ability to save money over the three or four different supply bases as well as to reduce cost in the external meetings and travels budgets.

25. The solution have should have the ability to have a flexible cost system I've ability to move between tariff for example between pay-as-you-go and subscription. give him the ability to prevent heavy users on pay as you go running up girls that are higher than a monthly subscription.

26. Future proof, the solution should be  future proof demonstrating the ability to keep up with advances in technology and therefore minimise redundancy.


27. For the IT professional it is important the solution it's based on software and not hardware.

28. Equally important is that it is a cloud based solution and not on premise.

29. That the solution has 5D flexibility I the ability to connect to any audio device or any camera enabled device plus the flexibility to connect any platform, be the Apple, Cisco, Microsoft Polycom or Google.



The Communication silos



30. Equally important is the ability to self provision internal customers and bespoke solution to your own requirements and that of your businesses.

31. Service should equally be easy to manage as well as support.

32. The service should  need low support requirements giving it is using devices you already have and platforms you already are familiar with.

33. The service should be able to bring the key stakeholders be there end user, business or finance behind the  solution with their full support.

34. Ideally a frictionless meeting service Would have the ability to support the brand I need to be branded in corporate colours logos and images.

35. Crucial is the service requires no software to be downloaded and no plugins to be added to a complicated plugin build I know I T installation overhead.

36. And for the Microsoft house there should be no requirement to change any user workflows because the solution is native.  where the finding native as pure native I using standard Microsoft features and functions like contact invite and standard Skype for business workflows.

Adoption / flexibility

37. Driving Adoption is key  and therefore the solution with no new workflows to be learnt is considered frictionless.

38. It must be easy to roll out and deploy requiring minimal training

39. The simple use cases must be covered by the solution or service IE a frictionless meeting  where you can share information meet and chat across platform as basic requirements.

40. Equally and frictionless meeting should be able to deal with more complex use cases like adding a video unit to a Skype for business meeting,  or connecting Google Hangouts meet to any other device or platform. like streaming or recording an across platform meeting to YouTube or any webcasting service.

41. The frictionless meeting solution should also be free to test,  not just at the basic level reading the advantage use cases as well so that there is no need to incur cost before we're 100% satisfied that the solution can deliver a truly frictionless meeting.



Freemium, Skype For Business, Free Virtual Meeting Rooms



42. It must have the ability to deliver 5D flexibility so no worries about what device or platform is required to meet with or we frictionless with.

43. And finally all the tools and use cases must be simple to use across whatever device and platform that is required.

 frictionless meetings-The IT requirements



Finance will have three Focuses when evaluating a frictionless meeting service and supply:

  • firstly, cost.
  • secondly that it's a genuine alternative to traditional face to face meetings and travel.
  • and thirdly its' management.


44. Firstly, that monthly tariffs are available not just annual tariff

45. Secondly, there must be no minimum room numbers, no you have to buy 10 rooms minimum.

46. They must be pay as you go tariffs available so we can have an alternative to subscription

47. There must be different subscription levels there must be different subscription levels and options depending on the level of sophistication required

48. The combination of pay-as-you-go and subscription ideally gives us a variable cost base based on activity not a fixed cost base.

49. And lastly on course friction this meeting service must present savings on travel and external meetings

An alternative to travel

50. First concern of affection this meeting service is it at least 3D communication capable and therefore a genuine alternative to travel so it can represent a service where costs can be offset against travel savings.

51. It must be any device capable to ensure nobody has an excuse to travel.

52. It must be any platform capable so we can connect to suppliers, partners customers or contractors, again no excuse to travel.


Skype for Business Face to face meetings - true collaboration



53. The frictionless meeting service must be flexible at its core

54. You must be able to switch between tariffs IE pay as you go and subscription

55. Ideally it should be cloud based and therefore not driving a Capex or datacenter costs

56. There should be no I T management overhead ie  headcount required to manage it

57. They should be strong stakeholder acceptance across end-users,IT  and the business

58. And we must be able to sweat existing assets a video units or TV screens in meeting rooms.

 frictionless meetings - The finance teams needs



again these split into 3 levels

  • access

  • capability

  • ease of use

Frictionless click to join across all of these browsers, including sharing content.


Frictionless Meetings - Browser access - Close Global



59. So lets deal with access to the frictionless meeting,  it should be single click to join from any device IE incredibly simple.

60. And user must be able to access the service from any device and any platform

61. Ideally with no new processes or work flows to learn

So for Skype for Business this is the IDEAL for frictionless meetings, as per the graphic below:



Microsoft True Collaboration - Face to Face Meetings



62. The frictionless meeting must be able to conduct face-to-face meetings in HD

63. The frictionless meeting must be able to share content View content chat record or stream multiple platform meetings with ease

Ease of use

64. The frictionless meeting must be easy to join

65. Easy to navigate once we have joined

66. Easy to use all the features

67. At least 3D communication capable, I'm a genuine substitute face to face meetings

68. And ideally better than face to face because we have increased productivity and no travel

An Example of Frictionless meetings for Skype for Business would be as the graphic below.



Skype for Business - Face to face meetings



End User Summary

frictionless meetings - The end users needs

68 Reasons 

So True Collaboration requires at least 4 perspectives with 68 requirements, not just the end user angle to be successful and deliver the perfect frictionless meeting to the organisation.   

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