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Face to face meetings with no downloads - click to join from Safari, now launched.

[fa icon="calendar"] 26 November 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

The new click to join a meetings has been launched for iOS devices on version 11 or newer.

Safari can now host face to face meetings from iOS devices both IPhone and IPad's equipped with iOS 11.0 onwards. 

These great devices with excellent user journeys now have the ability to host meetings with:

- a click of a url / link

- No APP

- No Software to install 

- Just native Safari and you in the meeting with 1 Click!  

iOS click to join meetings on Safari from Iphone and Ipad


What's more this functionality now joins the host of browser's than can facilitate Face to Face meetings with:

- No plugin's 

- No software downloads

So you can now extend for example a Skype for Business meeting to any browser based attendee outside the company who is on:

- A desktop device 

- A laptop device 

- An Android Device 

- An Apple device 

Powerful, no need to federate, simply send them the link to the meeting and presto they are in. 

Frictionless Meetings - Browser 1 Click to join - Desktop Table v2-1


This enlarges the single click to join meeting experience to all APPLE iOS devices. 

Desktop and Laptop devices have had this capability as have Android for some years. 

Frictionless Meetings

So from and IT perspective we've removed:

-   The need for software downloads, another plugin to be added to the corporate build and no federation requirements for external users.

From a Host of Guest viewpoint we have:

- As simple user journey with no download or plugins to offer any client, contractor, supplier or partner.

From a Business perspective:

We can connect to four common platforms with a simple URL link, Desktop, Laptop, Android and Apple iOS and therefore extend our 5D face to face communication to any client, contractor, supplier or partner.   

Frictionless Meetings from Skype For Business and Browsers

No downloads / No plugins

The No Downloads and No plugin family of devices, platforms also extends to 3D communication leader Microsoft Skype for Business.

The native functionality that is capable with this No Plugin and No download capability using Pexip based solutions is a huge step forward. Native Microsoft functions supporting face to face meetings to any device and any platform is a giant leap for Microsoft setting new standards few can match. 

Skype for Business Native Face to face Meetings to any platform or device

Ultimately the browsers have all now welcomed WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) standards and made it easy for the IT Manager to extend Skype for Business to any browser.

Whilst this is VERY close to 4D Communication (excludes Video equipment and a number of Collaboration tools) the ALL browser and Skype for Business click to join capability is a powerful combination of Familiar user workflows and simple customer journeys. 

4D Face to face meetings on Any Device 

However, Ultimately everyone is still striving for what we call and recognise as 5D Communication to and across any Platform.

5D Communication fact to face meetings across Any Platform 

We see time and again companies striving for 5D communication collaborating using any device and any platform. 


- Browser access in one click from any browser with No downloads and no plugins. 

- Native access from Skype for Business, no downloads no plugins.

- Better customer journeys. 

- Easier access from all desktop, laptop and mobile browsers.

- No downloads and No plugin IT admin headaches.

- No downloads and no plugin end user installation headaches.

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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