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[fa icon="calendar"] 18 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt




The Problem?

You invested in Video equipment and you want to connect it to any browser:

  • On a Laptop device
  • On a Desktop device
  • On Android smart devices 
  • On Apple iOS devices 

Meeting Face to Face and connecting to browsers is simple:

  • But a virtual Meeting Room from £19 to £99 a month 
  • That Room can be set up to "auto dial the video unit" every time someone connects to it
  • You issue a URL / Link to any guest
  • Its that simple 


1. No need for video equipment Group licenses (£1000 a year)

2. Cut travel costs by reducing Fuel claims, do the maths, reduce mileage claims by 220 miles a month and you have save money.

3. Think about it 1 meeting where 4/5 people would have travelled 50 miles and claimed it!

4. Extend the life of your Video equipment 

5. Give Guest a 1 Click to join simple experience

6. Share content from the browser users to the video equipment or vice versa

7. Record meetings to save note taking 

8. Stream the meeting to a webcasting service to gather customer testimonials or valuable digital video minutes for your YouTube channel or Podcast.

9. Cut recruitment times scales by giving HR a simple Face to face recruitment tool, which they can record if required.

10. Even Brand the Browser access with your company colours, hero image or tag line - impressive.



Close Global Your branded browser access



The List can go on, however any commercially savvy IT or Department head will get the benefits and probably find some more.    


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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