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[fa icon="calendar"] 29 October 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

A legal company in the South West had a simple set of issues:

- BT audio conferencing costing over £700 a month for 150 users

- Video units they wished to connect to Skype For Business 

So we offered them 150 audio rooms, with a bespoke company greeting at 2.5p a minute saving 40%+ versus BT

The same rooms can be used for audio and video face to face meetings.

The tariff selected was PAYASYOUGO rather than subscription which meant they only pay when they use the service on a per minute rate.

If they want to escalate the audio call to a video call its simple they click on the join a meeting link in any browser.

They can record or stream the cross platform meeting for compliance or note taking.  



They also wanted to solve another problem, they invested in video in some offices and wanted to connect the video units to Skype for Business meetings.

- the fix was simple add three virtual rooms that in the settings had auto dial instructions, what this?

- in the virtual room you can add the video units dial address so that every time you connect to that virtual room it dials that video unit.

- you make it really simple and create the virtual room as a contact in microsoft , for example :

first name: virtual 

surname: room one

email address : in here you enter the virtual room email address

- any skype for business user wanting to connect to that meeting room simply searches "room one" and clicks the connect on video button, the virtual room behind the scenes dials the video unit.

it means the partner customer or meeting room guest does nothing but walk in the room.

note: someone still has to turn the video unit on, but they dont have to dial anyone.


a) the audio conference costs drop by 40%

b) one supplier for audio, video and skype for business meetings

c) no complicated workflows to train , users simply dial the audio room how they normally would.

d) no non microsoft processes , standard contact and skype for business workflows are used 

e) the pay as you go tariff for audio presented a simple variable cost approach to rooms, saving money, consolidating suppliers and introducing no new workflows.   

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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