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Close Virtual Meeting Rooms - No Downloads 1 Click to Join

[fa icon="calendar"] 13 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

This blog highlight some key advantages of using Close Virtual Meeting Rooms

Download the PDF here Close V Zoom 2.0 

Zoom v Close differences if that’s of interest. 

This document it simply spells out the features so that the informed reader can make their own judgements.




The Close Platform Features the latest version of Pexip inside. The engineers have a similar track record to those at Zoom 90% of them are Ex-Tandberg, Cisco with Frost & Sullivan, Gartner reviews that applaud their depth of human capital and ground breaking technology.  


close global native connectivity

Close Native - the fundamental difference in the two different approaches.

Zoom use and others use a  download Software approach.

Pexip use a native integrate deeply into the architecture approach.

What’s the difference?

Downloading software comes with headaches for IT.

Native doesn’t and means the Partner uses core features of the integrated product and compliments them.

Example Skype for Business, Teams, Hangouts, WebRTC for everyone of these Pexip uses the native approach.   



The no Download approach is fundamentally different as Pexip use the native features approach when integrating with other collaboration tools.

Example Skype for Business where the Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is stored in the contact record as the email address “say” to open up Skype for Business a users searches for the VMR and clicks on the record. It will display online status as part of the native feature set. In Skype for Business you then click on the Video icon to open the VMR up.

Crucially the user is using native Microsoft workflows to perform the open VMR task.


close_global_no_new_Workflows C

This is huge for Microsoft and a very good reason why the Pexip product is Microsoft Certified.

The user has no new workflows to learn.

They use the familiar Skype for Business workflows not new Zoom ones!




Skype for Business Certified

This is huge for Microsoft users (79.3% market share), the Pexip solution is Microsoft certified for Skype for Business, both On Premise and Office 365 Cloud.


close_global_Pexip-Infinity-certified-for-Microsoft-Teams-1024x536 (1)


The Pexip team worked with Microsoft to develop integration to Teams.

As a result the Pexip product is certified for Teams.

Whilst a number of Microsoft Houses are slow to upgrade a number still being on Lync and Skype for Business. It’s a huge note of engineering recognition. Again the Team’s approach Pexip pursued is Native.


Desktop Table v2 Low Res

Native WebRTC (Real Time Communication) 

What does this mean?

Simple 1 Click to Join a meeting for desktop, Laptop and iOS / Android devices. 

No Software to download as the audio and video get streamed through the web socket using WebRTC. Essentially the browser acts as the media traffic traversal tool, therefore you do not need software.





From a Microsoft Viewpoint wherever the client is on the Microsoft journey your external connectivity is future proofed with the Pexip based solution, and accreditation benefiting from “Certified Solution status”


guest click to join

1 Click to Join - The WebRTC functionality means browser users can join from any device in 1 Click which removes the traditional fear of video conferencing from the 80's being complex and fragile.


Close global flex-commercials


The Close Flex pricing we’ll come onto later but with subscription and PAY AS YOU GO rates the Microsoft user has “peace of mind”.

With large estates they can have a single solution with different tariffs, PAYGO for low volume users and subscription for high volume.

This ensures a classless approach across the organisation.

Everyone gets the same solution. Low volume are on PAYGO and if they do not use the room there’s no charge.


Microsoft Teams has deep authentication that enables you to dial into a Teams meeting from a Microsoft meeting ID.

This authentication relies on the Azure server being recognised as a trusted device.

This enables gateway calling into Teams.

If you do not have a Microsoft Azure Server acting as this authentication then there is no gateway functionality, period. 

close_global_azure_cloud_download (2)


The Close Platform is 100% based on Azure which provides reach to data centres in 54 countries. This reach servers two purposes firstly it provides local signalling nodes for incredibly high quality calls. Secondly it provides the option for sovereign data coverage for those countries that are sensitive to that requirement. Germany and Austria are two examples.

download (2)

The Azure Cloud also benefits from a further element. Uniquely zero video or audio traffic is stored by the signalling servers, they simply transmit the data in a speedy manner. The management server equally doesn’t store video, it simply recognises virtual rooms and their authentication and security PIN settings to accept or reject guests in a meeting.

download (3)


Security operates at 2 levels

1. Azure Server and VPN security

2. AES 128 Bit encryption

The Azure servers operate to Government levels of security that satisfy most security teams.

The Video Traffic is encrypted to AES 128 bit standards ensuring that no calls can be hacked.


The Close service can Dial out to any Microsoft Skype for Business user with a Skype for Business email address. 

The email address acts as a SIP address enabling the Host to dial into any Skype for Business address.

The receiving Skype for Business user can of course either accept or reject the call.

The dial out function expands to be able to dial out to any SIP (email) address, IP address, streaming site and therefore becomes very adaptable as a feature.     



close_global_Drag_and _drop_your_cisco_to_skype_for_business


Drag and Drop

One of the native features of the Skype for Business tight integration is the drag and drop facility. This enables a Skype for Business user to drag a Video unit into a Skype for Business Meeting using the native functionality of Drag and Drop.

How does this work?

A Virtual Meeting Room has a unique auto dial feature for one or many end points.  This means a video unit unit can be set up to be automatically dialled when the Virtual Room is contacted by any user.

Imagine a room with a Cisco unit in it, for this purpose the meeting room is called MR1. The cisco unit in it , (SIP address or IP address)

The Virtual Room called is created with an automatic rule, dial .

The Skype for Business user searches for in their Microsoft directory, and then drag it into the call.

The meeting room attendees do nothing but sit round the table with the Cisco unit switched on and they are literally pulled into the meeting.    


The ability to Stream a meeting to a YouTube account or a Webcasting address for future editing are very powerful assets:

- To record the CEO informal podcast

- Collecting Customer Testimonials

- Collecting digital content for Google marketing or Search Engine Optimisation.

- Collecting training material from meetings or interviews. 


download (4)



Pexip are the only Google Hangouts meet certified Partner.

The native integration works exactly the same way from a broad principles approach, tight native integration.

This has to be enabled on a domain basis and is provisioned on a maximum attendees basis. The client buys annual capacity for concurrent attendees they wish to accommodate.  


The Value Ladder

Designed to accommodate any customer price point.

From 2.5p/minute to 20p/minute on PAY AS YOU GO.

From £8.90 per host or £14.90 per room per month to £99 a room per month.

The flexibility of the tariffs allows you to design out unnecessary costs and optimise the ability to connect to customers, suppliers, partners and contractors who could have any devices or platform.



A Big Reseller concern Evergreen Revenue and Commission

The first major difference between Close and many competitors is we only pay commission and recognise revenue for the life of the customer.

Over 3 years we will pay nearly 3X the commission that Blue Jeans (example will) both paying at the same % commission or margin.

 Reselling Close - 10 Reasons

Why would we do that?

Simply put, we want you the reseller to build a business on the back of the product and resource it properly.


close_global_no_minimum_room_order_download (1)

Flexibility with No Minimum Room numbers

Close have no minimum Room numbers!

  • No minimum term - a month

  • Clients can have 1 room for as long as they like



PAYGO Flexibility Starts From:

2.5p / minute - Audio

20 p/ minute - Video

No set up fees

Billed monthly in arrears

Ideal for low volume users i.e. big Microsoft clients




PAYGO - migrate users from one tariff to another (at month end)

Any room that spends more than any subscription can be migrated.

No penalties

No part month billing  

close_global_ Freemium 2

For IT Teams 

Unique to Close the most advanced virtual rooms, free.

Designed for IT teams to test advanced use cases some of which we have covered here.

Test calls are for 3 attendees and 30 minutes excellent for testing. 



Customer Branding

Resellers with a Close Portal can create iconic collaboration portals in

5 minutes.

These Branded demo’s can be created for you by the demo team all we require is a customer URL to employ their brand standards.


download (5)

Huge specialist support from the Demo Team

The Close demo team work alongside your sales team.

They monitor all digital triggers, Free Trial, Freemium, Landing Page or Pricing page downloads and react with electronic messages.

They start their sales team engagement with a simple 121, a 15 minute online meeting to remove any incorrect preconceptions and answer all the great questions.

Easy to sell wheel (4) (2)

A Simple Sales Process

1. Sales team 121

2. Introductory  Video supplier to forward to customers

3. Customers who view the video are invite to a demo

4. Demo clients get a Free Trial or Freemium room

5. Any high room usage triggers engagement to close the deal



A simple Introductory 1 minute Video Introduces the solution, viewers trigger e-messages, a demo invite follows.


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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