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Branded Virtual Meeting Rooms - Free Upgrade

[fa icon="calendar"] 2 February 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

  • Virtual Meeting Room Branding Offer 





Its simple sign up with a corporate email address & enter your website URL when you sign up and we'll brand up your corporate Face to Face meeting site for FREE.


Sign Up for A free Trial with a business email To get the Offer

IT Teams Test for Free - Must be a Business Email add your website URL to get the branding offer


No Strings attached 

  • Microsoft Certified Virtual Meeting Rooms 
  • No Software to Download 
  • No Plugins 
  • Native Skype for Business connectivity 
  • Native web browser connectivity with no downloads for EVERY default browser on every device and platform
  • Hosted Globally on Azure 
  • Secure AES 128 BYTE Encryption 

Firewall Ports that must be open & IP addresses for White Listing


  • Enhance your corporate communication and create the right 1st impression 
  • Offer employees an environment with higher productivity, less travel and commuting stress 
  • Give teams the tools to collaborate effectively regardless of where the team members are
  • For Human Resources your Branded Online meeting tool is a great recruitment aid
  • For Team Leaders you can can Audio conferences and upgrade to virtual meeting rooms
    • See the whites of their eyes 
    • Read the body language 
    • See them regularly 
    • Include them in decisions 
    • Drive that team spirit 
  • For PR and Communications leaders capture valuable video footage for testimonials or YouTube channels by recording virtual meetings or interviews.
    • Use the Streaming service to Stream content to webcasting or YouTube channels 
  • IT Leaders 
    • Extend Skype For Business internally to any device or platform for face to face meetings
    • Connect offices with a browser and camera enabled device, devices folk are familiar with  
    • Connect Video Units to Skype for Business with a Microsoft certified solution

close platform pedigree v2 (1)



We give you your own Virtual Meeting Room admin portal 

  • Simply edit room security 
  • Send Invites to Meetings 
  • Set up Auto dial routes to connect Skype for Business and Video Units
  • Or create more rooms and give contacts access 
  • Measure performance or report on video minutes used 
  • Instantly deploy Virtual Meeting Room resources in seconds


The Whole service is enabled by Pexip engineering under the hood 

  • Pexip lead the industry in device and platform connectivity 
  • With Microsoft and Google partnerships


The Virtual Meeting Room commercials are flexible 

  • Select from Monthly or annual tariffs 
  • Pay as you go per minute tariffs for low volume users, mean you've one solution without large numbers of subscriptions 
  • Switch from Pay as you go to subscriptions if usage patterns change 

We can fully white label the offer, with your corporate Domain, Colours, Logo and branding 

  • So its your service set up in hours managed by Close

Two Free Trial and Test services

  • 14 Day Free Trial 
  • Advanced Features IT test service

Demo Service 

  • We can help you through any testing with the demo team

We can set up a Genius desk with your Branding and presence to drive adoption 


Close Genius Desk (1)



Whatever you want to Achieve the Genius Desk is set up to drive your initiatives for a short adoption period and then hand the service over to your IT team once established. 




Close global Genius Desk Drivers v4 


Drive End user adoption

  • You may just want to drive adoption 
  • Webinars and 121's quickly achieve that 

Drop other tools

  • You may just be taking people off screen sharing or audio conference products 
  • Or showing them how to extend Skype for Business

 Whatever your desire we can help.


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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