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Advanced Microsoft Face to Face meetings - Dial Out and Drag n Drop

[fa icon="calendar"] 14 November 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Earlier blog posts have devoted themselves to the start of the journey from using Skype for Business internally to moving to external use, with suppliers, contractors, partners and customers who could have any device or any platform they wish to connect.  

In this blog we attempt to illustrate just how native the solution is to Microsoft and how it uses native Microsoft Skype for Business features, but also simple Microsoft workflows.


SKype for Business true collaboration benefits, Increased productivity, reduced travel budgets, better business decisions faster

So to get to the end game we need to understand some very fundamental things:

- There is No need to go for solutions that require plugins IF native solutions exist!

- The good news is they do!

Below are the first three silver bullets:-

1. A Microsoft solution.

2. That's native, no plugins, no software to download, no new user workflows. 

3. That uses the contact record to hold the Virtual room details. 

CLOSE Global Microsoft Silver Bullet, Native contact record

Microsoft recognises the Close Virtual Meeting Room as using the contact record and the Invite and the Skype For Business Video launch mode use the Virtual Meeting Room contact record to power the invite and the meeting start/initiation.

CLOSE Global Connect to any device or platform-Microsoft Silver bullets  

The meeting above shows the Virtual Meeting Room stored in the contact record.

The meeting can then be started in Skype for Business by:

- Searching for the contact 

- Clicking connect on the video icon in Skype for Business.

A simple Summary of the benefits are on this Silver Bullet Slide.

Microsoft Skype For Business Native - Silver Bullet AdvantagesThe next "Microsoft Silver Bullet" is Drag and Drop, which enables you to completely simplify a video unit joining a Skype for Business meeting. 

Here is how.

We can ask a Virtual Meeting Room to to be passive, and wait for people to dial in, or we can set the virtual meeting room to be proactive, either:

-  Manually by dialling out via advanced settings to Skype for Business users, video units, any SIP address (next blog)

-  Automatically by setting the virtual meeting room up to auto dial any address SIP or h323, IP address, in this instance a Cisco video unit.(this blog)  


CLOSE Global Microsoft DRAG & DROP silver Bullets


How do we do that?

- we set up in the auto dial settings the Cisco unit address say

- when the Virtual Room has anyone connect it will auto dial the Cisco unit 

- As Skype recognises the the Virtual Meeting Room in the contact record, we can drag the room into any Skype for Business meeting.

- The auto dial settings in the room will dial the Cisco unit.

So imagine we are a Legal practice, that has a mixed fleet of Cisco, Polycom video units and Skype for Business.

We can set up a Virtual Room to dial a meeting room based video unit, every time it is either dialled by a virtual room or dragged into a Skype for Business Meeting.


We can continue to sweat the investment in the video fleet. 

We can use the video fleet with Skype for Business, not just for meetings, but for sharing content.

We have a simple use case for meeting room users, DO NOT TOUCH the video equipment, just walk in, sit down and you will be dialled.  

Likewise for Skype For Business users, just drag n drop the Skype for Business user into the meeting.

They do not need to know how it works, just enjoy the fact its simple.

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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