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A White Label Virtual Meeting Room Platform - Enables resellers and customers to brand their meetings

[fa icon="calendar"] 10 January 2019 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

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The opportunity to have face to face meetings from any device or platform is huge, transforming the default communication in businesses today from Audio and Web conferencing to Face to Face meetings without travel. 

What's Driving this?

  • The need to innovate and disrupt markets before competition does is all to clear 
  • Wether you have watched:
    • Online (Amazon, Ebay) hit Retail
    • Uber hit Taxi's
    • Air BNB hit hotels
    • Apple / Samsung hit Nokia and Motorola 
  • The speed of innovation and change is clear
  • If you need further proof the average age of S & P 500 companies has fallen from 81 to 16 years in 25 short years.

How are these new companies winning?

Your agile company 3     

1. They focus on the customer.

2. They disrupt markets, their own and new markets.

3. They innovate quickly, creating and launching new products 

4. They listen to Customer and Employee feedback intently

5. They are team member focused  

These factors combine to force companies to adopt efficient practices quickly.

Companies have moved to from the left to the right of the diagram below adopting Face to Face because messages are understood faster, retained longer when you can see images (go into the long term memory) understand and sense body language (can be 55% of the overall message)   

Face 2 Face G5

So Solutions that Offer Face to Face communication without travel have become very popular:

  • Skype for Business has now 79.3% of the Communications Marketplace 
  • Google Hangouts and Zoom have become ever more popular
  • Fundamentally they have expanded because of the impacts on communication:
    • The benefits of face to face communication without travel 
    • Less commuting and more Teamwork 
    • Increased productivity 
    • Less commuting 
    • More Team engagement
    • Decisions being made faster
    • With the ability to get input into decisions made far easier  

When you look at that list of is hard to argue with any of them being undesirable. 

Now you can get a ANY device and ANY platform (previously siloed) to talk to each other face to face via virtual meeting rooms.

Close Connected Room Systems Low Res


The Close Platform has some unique features:







Microsoft Certified 

  • For Skype for Business On Premise 
  • For Skype for Business Office 365 Cloud
  • For Microsoft Teams


Plugin C

Engineered to require No Plugins

Pexip engineers some of the best in the world have worked closely with Microsoft to remove the need for Plugins to Skype for Business.

  • This means no more complex corporate build images for IT 
  • Faster powering up times for Microsoft 
  • A better end user experience 



Close Global, No changes to End User Workflows No New Workflows    

End users win as they can:

  • Connect to any device or platform within Skype for Business 
  • For Face to Face communication and screen sharing
  • Without the need to change any user workflows or practices 
  • How have they done it?
  • They have used the native functionality of Microsoft to use basic core elements.
  • The Contact record carries the Virtual Meeting Room details 
  • The Outlook invite carries the the Virtual Room access details for parties outside Skype for Business

Browser users simply click on a link to join a Skype for Business meeting, sharing content and chatting between both platforms.

Video APPs and Video Equipment simply dial the the email (SIP address) for the Virtual Room to do the same.

Audio Users simply dial into the room like a normal conference call when the need arises.

Close_global_no_downloads_required_iconNo Software to Download 

Whilst no Plugins are required for Skype for Business there's even better news for Browser users.   

  • No software to download
  • Browsers equipped with WebRTC web real time communication user the browser to transmit both audio and video.
  • This removes a major user bug bear which is having to download software just before a meeting!


Microsoft Azure Logo


The Close Platform runs on Azure one of the premiere Data Centre Networks today!

  • The Azure Data Centres are crucial to the native performance of both Skype for Business and Teams.
  • The authentication of media traffic relies on the Azure server being recognised as a trusted device.
  • The Azure Data Centres no sit at 54 expanding all the time and they deliver superb call quality.
  • Any IT teams can rest assured that no video traffic is stored on any servers!
  • And security teams benefit from not just media streams being encrypted to AES 128 Bit military levels. 
  • But also the Azure VPN network enhances both the security and the speed of video traffic vital to call quality. 

These are Just 5 of the powerful features of the Close platform developed over 5 years. 

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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