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7 Skills the Collaborative Leader Needs today - Are you hiring socially intelligent leaders?

[fa icon="calendar"] 10 December 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

7 Skills your leaders need,Ask yourself when you are considering the question, "why can't we perform better?"  

This is what is a driving the need for collaboration ultimately, it's a business performance issue!

Harvard Business Review's summary in chapter three and four of "On Collaboration" point you towards the type of issues modern successful companies must address.

All the research today shows that there are hard metrics between those companies and leaders that are socially intelligent and those that are not. So let's look at what we mean by socially intelligent.

The driver here is to look at what makes leaders perform and become effective in today’s Hyper Connected environment then we will look at the ten pitfalls. There are seven attributes socially intelligent leaders have and and are worth understanding as they highlight why collaboration tools are so important, they are :



Empathy and understanding what motivates other people even know from different backgrounds and being sensitive to those motivations is a key talent.



But attunement and having the ability to listen attentively and think about how others feel and show you our tune to others moods is crucial.


That your organisation in a way that you appreciate the culture and values of the group or organisation that you understand the social networks and no there and unspoken norms.


That you possess influence and ability to persuade others I engage in the main discussion in appealing to their self-interest that you get support from all the key people.



You possess Ability to develop others are you can coach and mentor with compassion personal best time and energy inventory are you provide feedback to people that they find helpful for professional development.


That you deliver inspiration that you can articulate a compelling vision great Park pride and foster positive emotional tone that you lead by bringing out the best in other people.



And that you believe and can implement teamwork that you solicit input from everyone on the team and that you support all the team members and encourage cooperation.

Seven laudable qualities that should be measured and determined when selecting key people for leadership, however who actually owns making sure this happens? That they are then equipped with the right tools?

That made me think, why is such a huge issue the people we hire and how they communicate not a BOARD level issue? 

LEADERSHIP SKILLS are just one of the areas to address in the new world of True Collaboration and 5D communication. 


5d any communication circle v3 low res (1)Virtual Meeting Rooms help those leaders to connect their teams face to face and do so from any device or platform. This lends the team leader the freedom to meet face to face instantly to asses a situation, add participants to a group to brain storm or just communicate more effectively using all the senses.  


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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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