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Face-to-Face Communication - 64,000 Times Faster

[fa icon="calendar"] 5 January 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

1d - 3d a.png

As everyone returns to work, firmly clutching their New Year's resolutions, many are crying out for a better way of working.

327 million workers have already escaped the old methods of:

  • Dull audio conferences (1D)
  • Endless WebEx screensharing (2D)

And are returning instead to Visual Communication without the 'logistical hassle of travelling,' 3D Communication lives are progressing at a fast pace!

Communication is moving up a notch once again so here's a look at where the forerunners have headed:

4D - Any device Visual Communication - Skype for Business, (soon to be absorbed into Teams), is the market leader and growing every day.

images (1).jpeg

Any device 4d c.png

However, the likes of Arup and other adventurous front-runners have already moved to 4D Communication:

  • They rely on knowledge sharing - it's ingrained into their business practices
  • Being able to communicate with suppliers, contractors, partners and customers effectively and efficiently
  • Running at high levels of productivity and reaching key business decisions quickly is crucial

We see 4D communication as having only 2 inherent weaknesses, and are looking instead to:

  • 5D - allowing visual communication across any platform
  • 6D -  integrating 5D communication to common workflows and systems to increase productivity

Any platform 5d c.pngArup are at 5D and if I were a betting man are most likely planning the next level of communication leap to 6D. For those of you looking for a positive resolution this year, who are currently on 1D or 2D communication; you need to get your skates on, aiming for 5D to catch up isn't a bad goal if you would like to achieve:

  • A quantum leap in productivity 
  • Faster input into key decisions from key people
  • Making better business decisions much faster, together 
For more on 5D click here



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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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