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Virtual Meeting Rooms - 4D / 5D communication with no downloads or plugins

[fa icon="calendar"] 30 November 2018 / by Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt

Close Global, 4D Any Device Communication


Close deliver the meeting revolution, 1 Click to Join arrives across:

- Every Laptop

- Every Desktop 

- Every Mobile Device 

We are pleased to get there finally with:

- The simplest customer journey, 1 Click to Host or join a meeting 

- No downloads of software that your IT department or Users need to deal with, or authorise.

- No Plugins to manage in "builds"

- No new User works flows   

Close Global, 1 Click to Join, Blue 


Click to Join Gr


So what the scope of this huge ease of use service?

It gets better 

- You can join in 1 Click 

- You can start presenting in 1 click 

- You can start receiving content 


Close Global, 1 Click to Join - Desktop and Mobile Access Table


This is a huge step forward towards 4D Communication from any device & 5D Communication from any device and Platform.

So what do we mean by 4D?


Close Global, 4D Communication access from Any Device


The above graphic tries to get it across, 3D communication got you to the point where you were communicating effectively, using hearing, images and body language to optimise fast input, quicker common understanding and crucially better emotional intelligence.

Once you get to 3D you want to MAXIMISE the familiar devices you can use to join the meeting. The Any device access introduces the very welcome FAMILIAR device prospect, which is which 4D communication is a huge breakthrough. That familiar device removes ALL the fear previously associated with Visual Communication.


Close Global, 5D Communication and Collaboration from Any Platform   

5D communication introduces the next BIG benefit for the IT team and the Finance team alike:

- The IT director gets any platform access, which delivers huge FLEXIBILITY to connect to anything the organisation throws at him/her as a challenge.

- The Finance Director gets his/her dream, the option to cut Travel because now we can connect face to Face from any platform without losing the benefits of face to face meetings - The emotional intelligence.

His company can now connect to whoever they want:

- Suppliers

- Partners

- Contractors 

- Customers 

We are never going to remove travel completely, and nor should we, however making it a choice is a MUST HAPPEN. 

Recently I listened to two legends of customer centric thinking:

- Steve Jobs Whose mantra was "focus on what the customer wants, then work out how the technology supports that"

- Scott Wharton at Logitech who asked his son, "want to go to the game/" (big NFL game) and the son said "I love he game, but not the hassle of going there, can we watch it on the TV?"

Both of these gentlemen flagged the changes we are seeing and now they are impacting Face to face meetings.

"why go there, if the technology enables you to choose?" and "if the experience is as good or better than going there" then why travel?

5D communication delivers the CHOICE of travelling to a face to face meeting or actually having a virtual meeting.

However we at Close are hell bent on going further and making that experience hassle free, simple and as familiar and flexible as possible.

Next week we release 

Close Global, host 1 click to join


Close Global, guest - 1 click to join    


We can wait for your feedback, have a great weekend.

Close global logo - Your Business, Closer

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Simon Hunt

Written by Simon Hunt

Simon is the Founder of Close - the True Collaboration Company.

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