So this is pretty reminiscent of most legal company challenges faced by IT Director's.

Microsoft Skype for Business is a great product, however connecting it to video equipment has always been a challenge.

So What are your options?

So the question in therms of Collaboration today is increasingly how far have you got?

So Can you really extend Microsoft Skype for Business and connect to any device and platform?

You have Skype for Business however how do you collaborate beyond Microsoft?

Companies today are frustrated they are way behind the consumer in using images and video to communicate, why?

Close Launch Freemium

by Simon Hunt on 5 October 2018

Close stand by their platform built on the best components:

We were impressed by Logitech's CTO last week at the 1st Connect 2018 event staged by Maverick AV Solutions to "signpost...

Microsoft to Any Device and platform breaking the silos