News Feed - Collaboration Roundup

by Simon Hunt on 03-Apr-2018 12:42:23

Plantronics and Polycom, Microsoft and SIP trunking, Teams and any device / platform Video Interoperability

Microsoft Surface Hub Roundup

by Simon Hunt on 27-Mar-2018 16:00:00

Here's our latest roundup of Microsoft Surface Hub (and related) news. Click on a title to read the document in full.


In today's fast paced, ever-evolving business environment, you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. Industries face...

Elastic Global Audio Service

In keeping with the Close drive, enabling 'any device any platform' communication, we have...

3D communication is really about employing ALL the SENSES in communication.

- Hearing

- Sight (images) 

- Body language...

The Evolution of 5D Communication

by Simon Hunt on 02-Feb-2018 16:30:38

What do we do?

Close provide video meetings from any device or platform.

Quite simply, we enable you to click, connect...

Today, companies are moving rapidly towards 3D communication and away from:

Today, companies are moving rapidly to 3D communication and away from:

As everyone returns to work, firmly clutching their New Year's resolutions, many are crying out for a better way of...

Deloitte pointed to several troubling symptoms of the issues companies are trying to address.